Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen – Is It Still Good Enough?

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen has a nicer design with better audio quality than the predecessor. This third genertion is the most affordable smart speaker. Even the Amazon Echo Dot third gen is the iconic Alexa speaker. At this time, the company has replaced it with Amazon Echo Dot 5th gen. When the previous predecessor, Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen released, the speaker remained at price $49, but the production ran out.

When the first Echo Dot introduced, it made Amazon became the lead in smart speaker industry. The price was at $49, which was inexpensive and you could buy it as a great gift.

However, Google answered it by presenting the Home Mini, which looked and sound better. With the release of the third-gen Echo Dot, Amazon comes back to the top of the affordable smart-speaker lineup. It is why we call it as one of the best smart speakers.

Amazon also has another choice of Echo Dot with the price is a little bit more expensive but it has a built-in LED display. It becomes the Echo Dot with Clock and the newest version is Amazon Echo Dot 5th gen with Clock.


Design and Features

The first Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show released with the shells made of plastic. This took time for Google to answer these products, and Google then went with more attractive Home and Home Mini.

As a result, the third gen of Echo Dot goes with all-plastic sides to replace the cloth-covered finish from the previous model. The third gen has softer and more rounded edges, thus make it like a hockey puck design to complete your living room.

As the previous model, you can find the top of the Dot has LED light that can turn to blue. It is the sign that when Alexa is listening. Also, there are two volume buttons, a single button to turn the mic on and off, and another button to activate Alexa.

The diameter of Echo Dot 3rd gen is at 3.9-inch and the height is 1.7-inch. We can say that this model is larger than the previous model which goes with 3.3-inch of width and 1.3-inch of height.

Besides, the third-gen Dot is available in three color options which are Charcoal, Sandstone White, and Heather Gray. The new design means that you cannot use third-party designs, including skins, accessories, and cases. You cannot even use those details for the second-gen Dot to the 3rd gen Dot.

Just like the first Dot, you can connect the third-gen Dot to an external speaker using an audio jack in size of 3.5mm. Alternatively, you can play music using Bluetooth connection. One other improvement is the third-gen Echo Dot works with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, meanwhile the second generation works with 802.11n. Here is the best way to set up Amazon Echo Dot.

Sound Quality

With 1.1-inch, the 3rd gen Dot is larger than the previous model and it has more size shows. When you play any song on the second-gen Dot, it was a so so experience, just like listening to music on a transistor radio with third rate. The Echo Dot 3rd gen was far superior.

But how does the sound quality of Echo Dot 3rd gen compared to other affordable smart speaker, like Google Home Mini? Well, it is still the winner. You can play for Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” and you will hear that the Dot offered much better bass and louder sound. If you feel that the vocals were muted using the default equalizer settings, adjust it by increasing the treble.

Amazon Echo Dot third gen also has both a subwoofer and a tweeter to create good sound. There is also a very handy audio to complete all Echos. You can adjust the equalizer settings for Echo Dot by asking Alexa to do so. For instance, you can say “Alexa, set the bass in maximum level”, or something like “Alexa, please reset the equalizer”.

Alexa Features

The previous model of Echo Dot came out with seven mics to help you pick up your voice. The third generation was quite responsive and sensitive. In this generation, Alexa’s capabilities keep improving. At this time, it has more than 50,000 skills such as playing Jeopardy, turning lights, ordering pizza, and many more.

On the Echo Dot and other speakers with Alexa, you can enjoy streaming audio via Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Pandora, SiriusXM, and many more.

Just like its skills, Amazon continues adding more smart home partners. Therefore, there will be more devices can work with Alexa. It can be best smart thermostats, smart locks, smart light, and others.

Here are more topics about Echo Dot 3 so you can use this device more:

Should You Buy Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen?

If you use the 2nd gen of Amazon Echo Dot, the speaker probably was not too good to listen to music. But, Amazon fixed it and then they made the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen that was quite worth your money at $49. It is one of the best yet most affordable smart speakers with Alexa in your home.

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