Best Sonos Smart Speaker Options You Must Have This Year

When it comes to music-streaming hardware, Sonos stands out for producing some of the best speakers available. Offering a wide range of speaker options, Sonos caters to every style and budget. With Sonos smart speaker models, you can expect exceptional sound quality and sleek aesthetics. Plus, there’s support for nearly every popular music streaming service, including Spotify and Apple Music.


Top Sonos Smart Speaker Options

Many Sonos speakers feature built-in voice assistance through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Sonos Voice Control, enhancing their functionality. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top Sonos smart speaker options on the market to help you choose the perfect one for your needs.


Sonos Era 300

The Era 300, alongside its smaller sibling, the Era 100, is one of Sonos’ latest speaker offerings. Its standout feature, aside from its unique form factor, is its ability to deliver immersive, room-filling sound, thanks to its support for spatial audio in the form of Dolby Atmos Music. This results in rich sound, a wide soundstage, and deep, punchy bass, all presented with crisp clarity. Even non-Dolby Atmos Music sounds fantastic, making it a versatile performer for all types of audio.

Android users can now enjoy the same room-tuning capabilities as their iPhone-using counterparts, and voice assistance is provided by either Sonos Voice Control or Alexa. For those with the budget, pairing two Era 300s as rear speakers with compatible Sonos soundbars like the Sonos Arc or Beam Gen 2 is an option.

With ample power, Sonos’ renowned quality, and a striking design, the Era 300 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enter or expand their Sonos ecosystem.

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Sonos Era 100

The new Sonos Era 100 takes over from the discontinued Sonos One, bringing some exciting new features to the table. Notably, it now includes Bluetooth support, allowing you to stream from a wider range of services beyond just Wi-Fi, such as Spotify or Amazon Music. Apple AirPlay 2 remains an option for those who prefer it.

While it doesn’t offer Dolby Atmos Music support like its pricier sibling, the Era 300, the Era 100 still delivers impressive audio performance. It features a 25% larger mid-woofer, two angled tweeters for stereo sound, and three class-D amps, ensuring a powerful sound experience.

Additionally, Sonos Voice Control and Amazon Alexa are built-in, and you can pair two Era 100 speakers for true stereo sound. Overall, the Era 100 proves to be a worthy successor to the Sonos One, offering enhanced features and performance.

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Sonos Roam

While the Move was Sonos’ initial foray into fully wireless speakers, it’s the Roam that truly shines as a portable option for weekend getaways. Weighing just 430g and standing at a compact 17cm tall, the Roam is lightweight and easily fits into your backpack, competing with rivals like JBL.

With its sleek and durable design, the Roam is well-suited for outdoor adventures, whether at the beach or in the woods. Its Auto TruePlay feature adjusts the sound output based on its placement, whether positioned vertically or horizontally. Despite its small size, the Roam delivers impressive sound quality, rivaling the best in its class with powerful bass and balanced audio.

Equipped with Bluetooth for seamless streaming, the Roam also boasts Wi-Fi connectivity for integration into your Sonos setup at home. Sound Swap automatically switches audio to the nearest speaker when you’re using the Roam indoors.

Additionally, it supports various streaming services and offers voice assistance via Alexa and Google Assistant. While its battery life of 10 hours may not be the longest, its versatile features, excellent sound quality, and connectivity options make the Roam an ideal choice for on-the-go audio anywhere you roam.

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Sonos One

The Sonos One, although replaced by the Era 100, will remain available until existing stock runs out. Resembling the Play:1 in design, the Sonos One (Gen 2) offers an added advantage: voice assistant support, allowing you to use Alexa or Google Assistant to start your favorite playlist. With Sonos now compatible with more streaming services, you have access to music from virtually any platform, including Spotify and Apple Music.

For audio enthusiasts, the Sonos One delivers sound quality comparable to the Play:1. Despite its compact size, it produces rich bass without overshadowing the detailed mid-range. Vocals are clear and prominent, while the treble is crisp and well-controlled. All of this comes in a compact package that’s easy to manage and position.

What’s new with the Gen 2 version? It boasts increased memory, enhanced processing power, and the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy. Otherwise, it maintains the same exceptional smart speaker features as before. You can still pair two Ones for stereo sound, and you can continue to rely on your digital assistant for assistance as needed.

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Sonos Move 2

Sonos took its time to introduce a battery-powered wireless speaker, but the wait was worthwhile, especially with the second generation Move. This portable speaker is durable and versatile, featuring splash-resistant construction and convenient touch controls. Plus, it boasts the best wireless range among Sonos speakers, allowing you to enjoy music in your garden or any outdoor space.

The sound quality is exceptional, with a forward-facing mid/bass driver and downward-facing tweeter delivering powerful and detailed audio. Despite its impressive bass response, the Move maintains control and clarity across the frequency spectrum, offering a balanced and textured sound. It excels in handling dynamic range and provides a spacious soundstage.

The Move 2 comes equipped with Auto Trueplay technology, which automatically adjusts the audio output based on its surroundings. Additionally, you can fine-tune the sound using the Sonos app’s EQ settings. Integration into your Sonos setup is seamless, and with support for various streaming services and voice assistants, the Move 2 is a compelling choice for wireless audio enjoyment.

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