How to Change HomePod WiFi for Beginners

How to change homepod WiFi is possible if you want to switch your iPhone to a new WiFi. Your HomePod will then automatically connect to any available WiFi that your iPhone is on. However, if your iPhone users a new WiFi, then your HomePod will not follow it automatically. So, here is the complete guide to change the WiFi network for your HomePod.


Tutorial to Change WiFi HomePod

You may want to change WiFi HomePod if there is a new and more stabile WiFi network is available. Alternatively, you need this tutorial when your WiFi goes down and you want to change it to a hotspot.

You cannot change the HomePod WiFi independently of iPhone, so you can change the HomePod’s WiFi once switching your iPhone’s WiFi. Therefore, you must connect your iPhone to that WiFi, after that you can switch your HomePod so it uses that new WiFi. Be sure that your HomePod is within Bluetooth range when you want to switch WiFi network.

Once your iPhone device is connected to that WiFi network, try the following steps:

  1. Launch the Home app on your iPhone device.
  2. Select your HomePod
  3. You will find a notification that tells you about your HomePod is not connected to the same WiFi network as your device. Therefore, you must swipe it up to scroll down.
  4. Tap where it tells Move HomePod to (WiFi name)
  5. Wait a moment. Your HomePod is ready to switch and then align it using your iPhone’s WiFi network.


That is the guideline on How to change homepod WiFi. If your HomePod is connected to a WiFi network, then you must take the instructions above. But, if you are using a brand new HomePod to set up in a new WiFi network, follow the prompt to connect it to the new WiFi network you want.

If you try to move your iPhone to a new WiFi network, then your HomePod will not switch automatically. The prompt above will appear automatically when you follow the instructions. Besides, if you try to connect a hotspot and move out of range, this HomePod does not appear to be on the same network range, then you need to follow the step 1 to 2 above and then see if it is still connected or reverted.

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