How To Connect Echo Dot To WiFi

In this guide, you will get complete information about how to connect Echo Dot to WiFi network. When you want to set up Echo Dot, you need to connect it to WiFi as the part to complete this process. Then, your Echo Dot will remember the WiFi network details so it can connect automatically as long as the WiFi network is on. If you have changed your WiFi network, then you need to re-connect your Echo Dot WiFi again.


How to Connect Your Echo Dot to Available WiFi

Here is how to connect your Echo Dot to WiFi:

  1. Go to Alexa App
  2. Choose More
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on Device Settings
  5. Swipe up to scroll down if you need, and tap on Echo Dot
  6. From the Status section, choose WiFi network
  7. In WiFi network section, tap on Change
  8. Press and then hold the action button on Echo Dot so the light goes to orange.
  9. Tap on Continue
  10. If the Echo Dot goes Orange, tap on YES
  11. Open your smartphone’s WiFi settings, and then choose the WiFi network, such as Amazon-xxx.
  12. Go back to the Alexa app, and then wait so it can discover the local Wi-Fi networks.
  13. Tap WiFi network you want the Dot to use.
  14. Wait so the Dot can connect. If you never used that WiFi network with Amazon before, then you must enter the WiFi password, and you will have the option to store the information using Amazon for the future.
  15. Now, your Echo Dot is connected to WiFi, then you can tap on CONTINUE to complete the process.

Still Cannot Connect to WiFi?

If the Echo Dot does not connect to WiFi, there are some reasons why it can happen. Your Echo Dot needs the correct WiFi network credentials. The WiFi network should be strong in the location where your Dot is placed.

If you have changed the routers or moved the Dot recently, those can be the culprits. There are a lot of other potential problems as well. Here are some common ways to solve it when your Echo Dot does not want to connect to WiFi:

  1. Be sure that your Echo Dot goes with the correct WiFi details. You can reconnect the Echo Dot to WiFi. Be sure that you choose the right WiFi network and enter the correct password.
  2. Use the 2.4GHz Network. If the router at your home is compatible for both 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi network, you can switch it first to the 2.4GHz network. It is true that the 5GHz network offers faster data speeds, but if you want wider range and stronger signal, the right choice is 2.4GHz.
  3. Reset your Echo Dot. Unplug the Echo Dot, and then leave it off for a minute. After that, plug it back in and then wait this device to start back up again. You can reconnect it to the WiFi network if it had previously failed to connect.
  4. Restart the network hardware by unplugging your modem and router from power, after that leave them unplugged for a minute. Next, plug them back in and then wait for a moment to let the modem to reestablish a connection. Check whether the Echo Dot has reconnected to the WiFi or not.
  5. Factory reset Echo Dot. This is the last option to solve the WiFi issue. You can factory reset your Echo Dot and set it up again. Be sure that you enter the right WiFi information details.
  6. Call Amazon for more support. If the device is still cannot connect to WiFi, it can be because of the product faulty. Call Amazon customer service to find the solution to repair it or to replace it.

That is all. If you want to update the WiFi settings on this device, go to Alexa App, and then tap on Device, choose Echo & Alexa. After that, choose the device. You can select the WiFi network under the section of Status, and then tap on Change. 

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