Echo Dot 4 vs 5 : What is the Difference?

The Echo Dot is one of the popular products from Amazon and it is easy to find why. The smart speaker offers you great skills of Alexa, compact design, and affordable for any room in your house. Amazon launched the original version in 2020, and then updated the spherical Dot in 2022 and known as the fifth generation. Maybe you are one of so many people who are curious about the difference between Echo Dot 4 vs 5.


Difference Between Echo Dot 4 and 5

There are some points to compare between the Echo Dot 4 vs 5. We can check from the point of price, specs, features, and others, as below:


In 2020, Amazon released the Echo Dot 4 Gen for those who need a smart speaker at a price $50. Since it is the older version, it is not easy to find this smart speaker on the market at this time. The updated version is Echo Dot 5th gen is the updated version, and it is available on the market with the same price tag as the predecessor, which is $50.

Design Quality

The design of Echo Dot 4 vs 5 are almost the same, they like twins with the identical dimensions. But, you can find that the Echo Dot 5 has more weight, because it offers more tech inside.

Both of the models come with spheres, covered with fabric and both have Alexa light ring at the base of the devices. On the top, you will find four buttons that work to control the devices. The biggest difference is at the back part. The 5th gen comes out with a power connection. Meanwhile, the 4th gen provides a 3.5mm of audio output.

Both of the smart speakers come with Charcoal and Glacier White colors. But, the Echo Dot 5th Gen has a new Deep Sea Blue choice. Both are available as the Echo Dot with Clock, while the newer device has more detailed display. So, for the visual look, they look no big difference at all.

Echo Dot 4 vs 5 Audio Quality

The major change is the audio quality that it can produce. The speaker inside is the ultimate difference, because the fifth gen has a larger driver than the previous model.

The Echo Dot 4 works as a single-speaker system that sounds great with the presence of 1.6-inch of driver. So, buyers of this smart speaker can enjoy nice audio performance. On the other hand, the Echo Dot 5 has a larger driver, which is 1.73-inch that creates richer audio for better experience.

Features and Hardware

Both of the devices are designed with Alexa, smart assistant in Amazon. This is a universal service so that you can access the same information and services. Or, you can use it to interact with your smart home. So, both devices need Alexa app on your smartphone to control.

However, the latest Gen of Echo Dot has more sensors, such as temperature sensor. This feature allows you to give information about the temperature wher you placed the Echo Dot. This feature also can be integrated with Alexa Routines. For example, when the room hits a certain temperature, then you can ask Alexa to turn on the AC automatically, or turn off the heating system.

Other sensors are accelerometer. It works when you want to tap on the device to snooze your alarm. Or, when you want to pause music, tap on it. The Echo Dot 4 does not have these sensors and functions.

Both of the devices support stereo pairing, to add groups and provide other features of Alexa, includes Alexa Calling. Even better, both of the devices are the part of Eero network to offer better connectivity. Echo Dot 4th and 5th gens also support Matter.

So, what is the difference between Echo Dot 4 and Echo Dot 5?

The differences between two smart speakers are very minor. The fifth gen has more possibilities including the new sensors that you cannot find in the previous model. Those things are nice to use, but most people want to use the Echo Dot as smart speaker. No much difference to offer even though the latest gen has slight improvement on the sound quality.

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