Why Won’t My New Echo Dot 5 Connect to Wi-Fi?

Why won’t my Echo Dot 5 connect to Wi-Fi? Are you having trouble connecting your new Echo Dot 5 to your Wi-Fi network, which has an active internet connection? When attempting to set up the device, you receive a message stating, “Wi-Fi isn’t set up. For help, go to your Alexa app.” Upon opening the Alexa app, it conducts a lengthy search, only to display the “Let’s try something else” screen.

If you manually try to connect to the network named “Amazon-TCX,” you receive a notification stating, “Connected without internet/Not secure.” Despite following all the recommended instructions for resetting the device, you haven’t been successful in establishing a connection.

You’ve gone through this entire process approximately several times. Meanwhile, other devices you own are connecting to the Wi-Fi network without any issues, except for the Echo device, which seems to be refusing to connect.


How to Solve Echo Dot 5 Connect to WiFi

In the process of setting up a new Echo device, it is normal to encounter a notification stating “Connected without internet.” At that point, you are connecting directly to the Echo device via Wi-Fi, which does not have an internet connection. The purpose of this step is to transmit the Wi-Fi credentials from your device to the Echo. This way will enable it to establish a connection with your router. Once done, you can switch your device, running the Alexa app, back to its regular internet connection.

It is important to note that if you are using a mobile phone for the setup, you might need to temporarily disable the cellular connection. This precaution is necessary. Your phone may automatically switch to the cellular network if it detects no internet connection on the Wi-Fi connection. By disabling the cellular connection, you ensure that the Wi-Fi credentials can be successfully passed to the Echo device.

Additionally, it is advisable to keep Bluetooth enabled on your phone or tablet during the setup process. This is because Bluetooth is useful to transmit the Wi-Fi credentials to the Echo device. Enabling Bluetooth ensures that all available options for passing the necessary credentials are utilized. Doing this will improve the chances of a successful setup.

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In summary, the “Connected without internet” message is a normal part of the Echo device setup, allowing the transmission of Wi-Fi credentials to establish a connection with your router. By temporarily disabling the cellular connection and keeping Bluetooth enabled, you can ensure a smoother setup process.

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