Echo Dot 5th Gen Not Working

Maybe you never imagined that right now, your Echo Dot 5th gen not working. This fifth-gen of Amazon Echo Dot comes out with something different such as tap gestures as well as mesh networking. Many people like it because it offers great tap gestures, balanced sound quality, and it can work as an Eero mesh network node. The coming of Echo Dot 5 is a small step but it is enough to show the existence of Amazon.

The coming of new motion sensors help you interact with the speaker simply in a single tap. It is also a smart speaker with an LED display to show valuable information.


How to Fix Echo Dot 5th Gen Not Working

When your Echo Dot 5th gen not working, do you have issues with your voice commands or during streaming music? Do you see any error messages? To fix your Echo Dot 5, here are the following steps to do:

  1. Restart your device – To do so, you must unplug this smart speaker first, or disconnect the power adapter from the power outlet. After that, you can wait for about 40 seconds, and then plug it in.
  2. Check the Software Updates – If the issue still exists, you can check the software updates by saying “Alexa, check software updates.”
  3. Amazon Power Adapter and Cable. Using not original power adapter and cable for your Echo Dot 5 can be the main reason why your smart speaker does not work. Therefore, make sure that you are only using the power adapter and cable from Amazon that came with this device.
  4. Try different outlet. If possible, you can try different cable.
  5. Press the Mute button or the Action button to make sure that you can get any lights on this device.

More interesting topics about Echo Dot 5:

Those are all about the best methods to solve Echo Dot 5th gen not working. You can try the methods above as well when your device does not want to turn on and shows offline.

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