Fix Echo Dot 5th Generation Not Responding Voice Commands

Did you find your Echo Dot 5th generation not responding voice commands? This smart speaker is one of the best choices available on the market. It has a compact design, with descent sound, and affordable cost. What makes it much better than the previous model, Echo Dot 4 is  because the successor has improved sound quality, built-in Eero mesh and temperature regulation.

The reason why Echo Dot 5th gen is not responding is because the device cannot hear you. It can be because you have low or no active internet connection. Or, it can be because the device is muted which is why the light indicator flashes in red.


Guide to Fix Echo Dot 5th Generation Not Responding to Voice Commands

If you are experiencing this issue, then here are the following methods you must try to fix it:

  1. Restart Device – You can simply unplug your smart speaker or the power adapter from the power outlet. Wait for about 40 seconds. After that you can plug it back in. Your smart speaker is still resetting if the light  circles  around the device.
  2. Check Available Software Updates – If the first method does not work, then try to say “Alexa, check for software updates”.
  3. Since it cannot hear you, it is possible if the microphone is off. The sign is the red light ring, not blue. If the mic is off, you must turn it on.
  4. Another thing to do when your Echo Dot 5th generation not responding can be because it is too far  away from you. Therefore, you need to get closer to this smart speaker. Check whether the device respond your voice or not.
  5. Make sure that you are using the official branded cable and power adapter included in the box when you buy it.

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That is all about how to fix Echo Dot  fifth generation if it is not responding voice commands. If your Alexa device is using low WiFi connection, it can cause some problems. One of those is not responding. Be sure that your smartphone and  Echo Dot fifth generation use the same network.

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