How to Stop Echo Pop Flashing Yellow

Why is Echo Pop flashing yellow and how to stop this annoying light? If your Amazon Echo Pop is flashing yellow, there are some reasons why it happens. You can use this guide to stop it.


Why My Echo Pop is Flashing Yellow?

Echo Pop flashing yellow is the sign for the things below:

  1. Missed call or unread message from your Alexa contact.
  2. Unchecked past reminder alert.
  3. Unread Alexa app notification.
  4. Your order on Amazon has been delivered or shipped.
  5. Update for the return process for an item on Amazon you have sent back.

Standard missed calls, social media DMs and SMS texts will not your Echo Pop keeps flashing yellow. But, this light indicates there is an unread or missed communication from an Alexa contact.

Alexa contact is someone who also has an Echo device. For example, you and your mother both have an Echo smart speaker and your mother texts you through the Alexa app. Then, your Echo Pop will keep flashing yellow until you have read the message using the Alexa app.

It also happens for reminders. If you have missed app reminders, then your Echo Pop will flash in yellow light. But, if the reminder is from other app, then it will not show yellow flashing light.

If at this time you do not hold your phone, then you can ask Alexa about notifications you have. You can ask by saying “Alexa, what are my notifications?” or you can give a command, like “Alexa, read my unread messages”. By doing this, Alexa will do your command and inform you about the new notifications. Once the message has been read, then it will stop the flashing yellow light.

How to Disable Yellow Flashing Light on Echo Pop

Now, you have found the point why your Echo Pop flashing yellow. The next is about how to disable this light since it can be irritating.

Turning off this feature is beneficial, especially if you think that the notifications are not necessary. To disable this function, you can do some methods.

Turn On Do Not Disturb Mode

First, it is important to remember that there is no option to turn off this feature. But, you can still use the Do Not Disturb mode and enable this feature. To do so, you can go to the Alexa app, and then choose Devices. Next, choose the Echo Device you want.

There, you can find a moon icon located on the right-hand side of the display. Tap it and the icon will change to purple, and it means you have enabled the Do Not Disturb mode.

Use Favorite Contacts

Just in case that you want to get notifications such as Amazon order updates, but you do not like text or call notifications, there is a trick. You can stop calls and other text notifications while getting other notifications.

To do so, you need to access your contact. Make sure that only people in favorite contact can communicate with you using Alexa. Alexa can show the information about the most frequently contact on your phone. So, you can set some numbers as your favorite contact.

Tap on favorite contacts in the Alexa contact list that you can access using the Communicate tab. After that, there is a Remove from Favorites option. Tap on this section, and you can remove some contacts from favorites.

Doing this will limit all the communication settings. Also, no one can contact you through the Alexa app. It also means that you will not get any yellow flashing lights for texts and calls.

Disable Amazon Shopping and Reminder Notifications

To turn off Amazon shopping notifications, you can go to the Alexa app, and then choose More > Settings > Notifications > Amazon Shopping.

There, you can enable or disable notifications for delivery and return updates. You can turn on or turn off the alerts for some specific things such as review request, or answer product questions.

You can go to More > Settings > Device Settings > Reminders to customize the notification settings for your reminder. For example, you can set the volume for the alert, disable the reminder text messages, and others.

Those are all the things you need to know about yellow light flashing on Echo Pop. Well, it is not a permanent problem. You can use different methods or tricks to stop the yellow light flashing for your comfort.

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