Echo Pop Review and Price

Echo Pop hits the market as a compact smart speaker with Alexa. This Amazon smart speaker has some color options such as Charcoal, Glacier White, Lavender Bloom, and Midnight Teal. Today, we are going to talk more about Echo Pop review, the newest smart speaker from Amazon.


Echo Pop Review and Price

In this Amazon Echo Pop review, we will talk everything we know about this smart speaker, such as the design, construction material, features, privacy, price, and competitor.

Echo Pop Design and Material

Amazon designed this device with unique look. It is like an Echo Dot that you have cut in half, with a natty border around it and it has activity light on the top. For the back of this device, it has conical shape.

The Echo Pop is a front-firing smart speaker which makes it a little bit different from most devices. It has 1.9-inch woofer which is a little bit larger than the Dots. At the top of the device, behind the light bar, you can find three buttons, which are mute, volume up, and volume down. There is no action button that will enable you to activate Alexa. To wake this device up, just say “Alexa”.

It is very compact that you can put it in your bedroom. It can fit small spaces in any area. For its functionality, Echo Pop easily controls your smart home devices such as smart lights and smart plugs using your voice or using the Alexa App.

When it comes to the material, Amazon created it using recycled yarn, and the aluminum for this device was from 80% recycled aluminum. Meanwhile, the shape of this smart speaker is unique, with its clean lines and the iconic cone shape.


Since it has Alexa features, you can ask Alexa to play podcasts, audiobooks, and music from your favorite providers such as Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, Apple Music, and others. To enjoy your music experience, Amazon supports this device with Bluetooth.

The story is not over, and your life goes easier using this smart speaker. Alexa helps you sets timers, checks weather, reads today’s news, re-order stuff, make calls, answer your questions, and many things. There are ten of thousands of skills and Alexa can help you more than that.

Move on the processor, it works with Amazon’s AZ2 Neural Edge. Amazon claimed that this processor is 20% faster. The smart speaker also has a built-in Eero to support the home mesh network. The processor allows this device to have quick responses.

If you compare the sound quality of Echo Pop with Echo Dot or Nest Mini, then the winner is Echo Pop. This device has better audio performance even though these three smart speakers have no significant difference.


Alexa does not start listening until this smart speaker hears you call “Alexa” and wait for the light bar to turn blue. If you are worrying about smart speaker and your privacy, Amazon has no concern on selling your personal information to other companies. This smart speaker has multiple privacy controls. One of the interesting features is that you can mute the mic.

Price and Competitor

The Amazon Echo Pop price is reasonable, which is $40. Users tend to choose Echo Pop because they need a voice assistant with more stylish look. The Pop offers fun, and cute smart speaker but it is not too much different from its sibling, the Amazon Echo Dot. So, if you think you need the least expensive choice, Echo Dot can be the better option to buy right now.

Dot has $10 extra because it has indoor temperature detection and also a proximity sensor. These two are the most useful features for those who still think that Dot is great to set an alarm clock.

For its price, Echo Pop is more affordable compared to its rivals, which are Echo Dot, and Nest Mini. You can also compare this device to the more expensive competitor, HomePod Mini, and it is still a better smart speaker for music lover under $50.

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