Echo Pop vs Echo Dot; Which One is Better?

Choosing between Echo Pop vs Echo Dot is not easy. These speakers are from Amazon to offer affordable smart home speakers for your need. However, both devices come out with different specifications and features.

The Echo Dot 5th Gen is an essential smart speaker with some good points for home and it works with Alexa. The newer is the Amazon Echo Pop that has $20 more affordable than the Echo Dot. You can use this smart speaker to complete every corner of the home.


Echo Pop vs Echo Dot – Price

Both of these smart speakers are available via Amazon. The price for the Echo pop is about $39.99 as its full price. Meanwhile, the price of the Echo Dot is $49.99. If you want to buy the Echo Dot with Clock version, it has LED display feature and the cost is about $69.99.


We can say that the Echo Pop and Echo Dot come out with a similar design style. These speakers are from fabric swathed materials. The Echo Pop has a similar look to Echo Dot, but it is like sliced in half. Both devices have physical controls on the top. Also, both of the devices have Alexa status light. The difference is that you can see the Echo Pop has a small portion of light on its edge. Meanwhile, the Echo Dot has a full ring of status light located at the base.

Move onto the colors, the Echo Dot hit the market with some color options. Buyers can choose Charcoal, Glacier White, and Deep Sea Blue. Meanwhile, the Echo Pop has simple Charcoal and Glacier White color options. Buyers even can choose Midnight Teal and Lavender Bloom colors.

For the Echo Dot, there is an LED display located on its side. It is better to go with Echo Dot with Clock since it offers more features, such as alarm clock. It can show the song titles, time, timer countdowns, temperature, and others.

Echo Pop vs Echo Dot – Features

These Amazon speakers have Alexa voice control. You can use this feature to voice calls, queries, and device controls. It depends on the number of Alexa compatible devices you have. The speaker is always ready to manage your home hands-free.

The Echo Dot has more intuitive feature compared to the Echo Pop. It comes with built-in temperature and motion sensors that can trigger routines. For instance, if it knows that you have entered a room, then it can tell your smart Philips lights to turn on.

The Echo Dot comes with eero built-in. This can add for about 1,000sq of the Wi-Fi coverage and it has speeds for more than 100 Mbps for the compatible networks.

When it comes to the audio quality, the Echo Pop comes with a larger speaker compared to the Echo Dot. But, the Echo Dot has sphere shape for better bass. Also, this supports a wider soundstage. Neither is the smart speaker if you want something that is ideal for listening to music. The standard Echo Studio or Amazon Echo 4th Gen are the greater Amazon speakers for the sound performance.

Echo Pop vs Echo Dot: Which One is Better?

Between the Echo Pop vs Echo Dot, the Echo Dot has more to provide as a smart speaker. It has sensors and greater audio performance that is good for the price. We think that it is better to spend another $10 to get Echo Dot with Clock, but it is optional.

If you need an Alexa speaker for affordable choice, it is just as easy to go with the Echo Pop. It has fun color options with ideal size so you can place it easily at anywhere.

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