How to Factory Reset Echo Dot 3

Echo Dot 3 comes out as a smart speaker, featured with Alexa. It is a hands-free and voice-controlled smart speaker that works with Alexa to help you do many things. For example, you can get information, control your smart home devices,  set alarms and others. Therefore, it is also important for you to know about how to reset Echo Dot 3.

This smart speaker is also still available for purchase, but the availability may depends on the location or the retail outlets you choose. We think that Amazon updates their Echo devices routinely, even they have the newer Echo Dot generations.


How to Factory Reset Echo Dot 3

The tutorial on how to factory reset Echo Dot 3 will wipe all the data on this smart speaker. Use this tutorial when your Echo Dot 3 is not responsive. Or, when you want to clean current settings. Follow the steps below to start factory resetting your smart speaker:

  1. Press and hold the Action button on the top of your Echo Dot 3, hold for 25 seconds.
  2. Do not interrupt your Echo Dot with various voice messages, just keep holding this action key.
  3. The light ring will flash orange, and then the device will switch off.
  4. Wait until your device will reboot and the light flash will turn to blue.
  5. Wait until the light ring flash becomes orange again.
  6. It means that you have performed a factory reset on this smart speaker.
  7. Now, you can set it up using Alexa account just like the first time you using it.

That is all about the guideline on how to factory reset Echo Dot 3. This new smart speaker delivers better sound, making it a better choice to buy for those who need Alexa smart speaker.

Now, use it by pairing it with your second-gen Echo Dot for stereo sound. Enjoy the voice control when you are streaming songs from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, and others. Here are more about Amazon Echo Dot 3 so you can use this smart speaker better:

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