How to Fix Google Home Mini Cannot Connect Mobile Hotspot

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you cannot connect to home WiFi or home internet? At that time, maybe you then use your phone’s hotspot for your personal computer, laptop, and then stream or cast TVs. Even you then connect your clock to the hotspot. But what if your Google Home Mini cannot connect mobile hotspot?

It seems like you are almost completed connecting this smart speaker, since you have already done the initial Google Home Mini setup instructions. You have agreed the legal terms, choose a room. You have checked that the Google Home app and the Mini can recognize each other. But, the problem starts coming when you connect it to the WiFi network. It keeps disconnecting, with the exclamation mark that you can even see it.

You have tried many things to fix this problem. You have reset the device, unplugged it for some hours and then restarted your mobile hotspot phone, or even entered the WiFi manually. Still, those things could not help so the device could communicate seamlessly.


Fix Google Home Mini Keeps Disconnecting from Mobile Hotspot

Here are some methods to fix Google Home Mini cannot connect mobile hotspot:

Check The Signal Strength

The signal strength of your hotspot may not be strong enough or not stable. So, it is not enough to support a good connection for a Google Home Mini. If the signal is low, it can make your Google Home Mini cannot connect or maintain a connection.

Check Nearby Devices

Next, there are some nearby electronic devices or wireless networks that can cause interference. This can lead to connectivity issues when you use Google Home Mini through the mobile hotspot.

Restart and Update

The last effort to do is to restart the Google Home Mini and the device that provides the hotspot. It is also important to check any available updates for your Google Home Mini. After that, install them if possible. Once completed the update, you can quick restart Google Home Mini.

That is all about how to fix Google Home Mini cannot connect mobile hotspot. Be sure that the hotspot is functioning properly and other devices can connect to it without any problems.

If still there is no solution above can help, then try to connect your Google Home Mini to a different Wi-Fi network to check if the problem persists. If your Google Home Mini can connect seamlessly using different Wi-Fi network, then the main reason is the hotspot connection might be unstable.

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