Smart Speaker Troubleshooting Guide: Google Home Won’t Turn On

If you’re dealing with Google Home wont turn on, relax. We’re here to help you get your Google Home device up and running again. In this guide, we’ll walk you through step-by-step instructions and provide valuable tips to diagnose and fix the issue. Let’s dive in!

Before we begin troubleshooting, it’s important to understand the potential reasons behind your Google Home device not turning on. Some common causes include:

  • Power supply issues
  • Faulty connections
  • Software glitches
  • Overheating
  • Hardware malfunctions

Now that we have an idea of the possible causes, let’s move on to the troubleshooting steps.


Basic Troubleshooting Steps on Google Home Wont Turn On

Before going to more complex ways, let’s begin with some basic steps by following these instructions:

  • Check the power outlet: Ensure that the power outlet you’re using is functioning properly. Plug another device into the same outlet to verify if it’s working.
  • Inspect the power adapter: Check the power adapter for any signs of damage or wear. If you notice any issues, try using a different power adapter that meets the required specifications for your Google Home device.
  • Restart your Google Home: Sometimes a simple restart can resolve minor software glitches. Disconnect the power adapter from your device. After that, you must wait for about 10 seconds, and then connect it back.

If these basic steps don’t solve the problem, let’s move on to more advanced troubleshooting methods.

Checking Power and Connections

In this section, we’ll focus on verifying the power source and connections for your Google Home device. Follow these steps:

  • Power source: Ensure that the power adapter is securely connected to both the device and the power outlet. Try using a different outlet to rule out any issues with the original power source.
  • USB cable: Examine the USB cable for any visible damage or fraying. If necessary, use a new USB cable to replace the previous one.
  • Check the LED lights: When you plug in the device, check if any LED lights illuminate. If there are no lights or the lights appear dim, it may indicate a power-related issue.
  • Reset the power: If the LED lights are unresponsive, try unplugging the power adapter from the device and the power outlet. Leave it disconnected for about 10 minutes, then reconnect and check if the device powers on.

Performing a Factory Reset

If the previous steps didn’t resolve the issue, performing a factory reset might help. Keep in mind that a factory reset will erase all your device settings and data. Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset:

  • Locate the reset button: On the bottom of your Google Home device, you’ll find a small reset button.
  • Press and then hold the reset button for 15 seconds: Use a paperclip or a similar tool to do this.
    Release the reset button: After 15 seconds, release the reset button. Performing this action means you will reset your smart speaker device to its factory settings.
  • Set up your device again: Follow the initial setup process to connect your Google Home device to your Wi-Fi network and configure it with your preferences.

Contacting Google Support

If none of the previous troubleshooting steps have resolved the issue and your Google Home still won’t turn on, it’s time to seek assistance from Google Support. They have dedicated resources and technical expertise to help you further troubleshoot and resolve the problem. Here’s how you can contact Google Support:

  • Visit the Google Support website: Go to the official Google Support website at
  • Select your device: Navigate to the section related to Google Home devices and select the specific model you’re having trouble with.
  • Browse the support articles: Google provides a range of support articles that address common issues and offer solutions. Browse through the articles related to your problem to see if you can find a solution.
  • Contact Google Support: If you can’t find a solution in the support articles, you can contact Google Support directly. Find for the “Contact us” option on the support page. Google offers various contact methods, including phone support, live chat, and email. Choose the method that suits you best and reach out to their support team for further assistance.

When contacting Google Support, be sure to provide them with complete information about the problem you’re dealing with, the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried before, and any error messages or symptoms you’ve notified. This will help them understand your situation better and provide you with the most appropriate guidance.


In this troubleshooting guide, we’ve covered various steps to help you resolve the issue of Google Home wont turn on. Starting from basic troubleshooting to more advanced solutions like performing a factory reset, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive approach to tackle the problem.

Remember, each step is important and should be followed in order. If you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting steps and the issue persists, don’t hesitate to contact Google Support for further assistance. They have the expertise to guide you through the process and help you get your Google Home device back up and running.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you in resolving the issue. Enjoy using your Google Home device to its fullest potential!

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