How to Fix Google Nest Mini Sleep Command

Google Nest Mini Sleep command issue – For a while now, Maybe you have been able to command my mini nest to pause in 20 minutes, and it would comply. However, it now acknowledges the instruction but continues to play beyond the set time.

You have attempted to rectify the issue by stating “stop in 20 minutes” or even setting an explicit time, but without success. Both of your speakers are having the same problem. Can someone explain what happened? Can you fix Google Nest Mini sleep command?


About Google Nest Mini Sleep Command

The Sleep Timer feature in Google Nest Mini is a handy tool that allows users to set a specific amount of time for their music or podcast to play before automatically stopping. This feature is designed to help users fall asleep without having to worry about manually turning off their audio content.

With the Sleep Timer, users can set a time limit ranging from five minutes to one hour. Once the timer reaches zero, the audio content will automatically stop, providing a peaceful environment for users to fall asleep.

To use the Sleep Timer feature, users can simply say “Hey Google, set a Sleep Timer for 30 minutes” or “Hey Google, stop playing in 45 minutes.” Alternatively, they can also use the Google Home app to set the timer for their Nest Mini device.

The Sleep Timer feature is a great addition to the Google Nest Mini device that can help users establish a healthy sleep routine. It also enhances the overall user experience by providing a convenient and easy way to control audio playback.

How to Fix Google Nest Mini Sleep Command

From the official, they have received reports of problems with the Sleep Timer feature. Still, they are investigating possible solutions. For now, you could provide feedback on this Google Nest Mini sleep command using the steps below.

1. Enable device usage data and crash reports

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Choose the device card you want to give feedback about.
  • Click on Settings on the top-right, then choose Recognition and Sharing.
  • Enable the option to Send [device model] device usage and crash reports to Google. (Example: Send Google Home device usage and crash reports to Google.) Note: If you’re using an iOS device, turn on Send device usage and crash reports.

2. Try setting a sleep timer

After the issue occurs, use voice commands on the speaker device to send feedback (OK Google, send feedback), then say “GHT3 sleep timer not working.”

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