Things to Do When Your HomePod not Turning on

If your Homepod not turning on, it can be because of the unreliable power source. Or, you can restart this smart speaker. To do so, unplug it first for ten seconds, and then plug it back in. Or, you can open the Home app, and then choose Homepod. Tap on Reset HomePod. In some cases, your Homepod will not turn on since it is broken so you need to get a replacement.

If you are using HomePod or HomePod mini, and the device does not want to turn on, you may think that the device is broken and go to get a new one. But, there are some things to do before. Here are the best ways to get your HomePod working.


Things to Do If Your HomePod Not Turning On

If you have a big question why your Homepod not turning on, here are some steps you should do:

1. Use Reliable Power

The most common problem why your HomePod or HomePod Mini does not want to turn on is that it does not connect to a power source. It is good to know that your HomePods are not using battery to support its power. Therefore, you need to plug it to let it work. Make sure that the cable of your HomePod is properly connected to a working outlet. Be sure that the electricity in that spot is working. If any a loose cable or a broken outlet exists, it will make your HomePod or HomePod mini cannot work.

2. Check your Wi-Fi Connectivity

Well, maybe your WiFi is down and if so, this will make you cannot use your HomePod properly. It does not want to turn on. Therefore, you should check the Wi-Fi first if you are working into HomePod issues. You can do so by disconnecting and then reconnecting the iPhones to Wi-Fi to solve the issue. If you get more troubleshooting tips, you can check our site.

3. Restart HomePod

If the power source is good and your Wi-Fi is running properly, it can be because you need to restart your HomePod. By doing so, you can let your smart speaker back on track.

To reset your HomePod, unplug it and then wait for about ten seconds, plug it back in or you can restart it first via Home app. Be sure that your smart speaker is plugged in before following the instructions below:

4. Launch the Home app

  • Select your HomePod
  • Scroll to the bottom of the display that pops up. Well, you need to wait for a few seconds so the scroll option is available.
  • Choose Reset HomePod
  • Choose Restart HomePod

This tutorial will help you to restart your HomePod and your problem hopefully is solved!

Other Alternatives

Here are other alternatives to take when your HomePod is not turning on:

1. Reset Your HomePod

If restarting does not do the trick, you can try to resetting it. By resetting this device, you can remove it first and then add it again to your smart home system.

2. Test the Speaker

If in case that the HomePod is not working because you are not seeing any lights or any touch controls, it is better to test if Siri is working. You can do so by saying Hey Siri, and give a command. This way helps you know if your smart speaker is still functioning.

It is possible if there is an issue with the touch panel or the lights, and you are not getting the touch or visual response you are looking for.

3. Update the HomePod

Homepod Mini or HomePod not turning on can be because you need to update the device. You can solve the issue by updating the HomePod via your phone.

4. Delete and Then Re-install the Home App

Maybe, there is a bug in your Home app that can cause the problem. If you have tried all methods above and did not make any change, try to delete and then reinstall your Home app. This way will break the cycle of your HomePod that stucks in and gets your device back on the track.

That is all you should know about how to fix HomePod not turning on. You can also read more tips here, such as HomePod does not want to connect to the internet.


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