How Do I Set Up Amazon Music on Alexa Echo Devices

Are you an avid music lover looking to explore the wonderful world of Alexa music? Alexa, the virtual assistant, offers a fantastic skill that allows you to play your favorite tunes effortlessly. Among the many skills Alexa possesses, playing music is undoubtedly one of the best ones!

If you’ve ever wondered how to enjoy the vast collection of Amazon Music through Alexa, you’re in luck! We’ve got you covered with a simple and beginner-friendly guide to get you started on your musical journey. In addition to Amazon Music, we’ll also reveal some exciting tips about Amazon’s Music Unlimited service, providing access to even more songs and enhanced Alexa capabilities.

With just a few easy steps, you’ll be tapping into an ocean of melodies, crafting the perfect playlists for any occasion, and controlling the beats with just your voice. Stay tuned as we take you on an adventure into the realm of Alexa music magic! Plus, we’ll share a fascinating bonus tip to get Amazon Music for free on your Echo device.

So, let’s harmonize with Alexa and explore the limitless possibilities of music right at your fingertips! Let’s get started on this enchanting journey together.


How do I Set Up Amazon Music on Alexa Devices

How do I set up Amazon music on Alexa devices? Music can be played with Alexa, and it’s a great skill to use. If you want to play Amazon Music with Alexa, follow these simple steps. The same steps also apply to Amazon’s Music Unlimited service, which offers more songs and additional Alexa skills. For more information, you can compare Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited. Keep in mind that Music Unlimited costs $7.99 per month for Prime members.

Here are the steps simplified for beginners if you want to set up Amazon Music on the Alexa smart speakers:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your device.
  2. Tap the menu button in the top left corner.
  3. Select “Music & Books,” then choose “Music.”
  4. Tap “Amazon Music” from the options.
  5. Click on the “Playlists” tab, and choose a category like Mood & Activities, Genres, Artists, or Decade.
  6. Pick a playlist from the category you selected, and it will start playing on your device.
  7. To control the music, tap the “Now Playing” tab at the bottom of the screen (it looks like a graphic equalizer).
  8. From there, you can play/pause, skip forward or backward, shuffle, repeat, and adjust the volume.
  9. You can also use voice commands. Just say “Alexa, play playlist 100 Greatest Classic Jazz Songs” to start playing a specific playlist. You can then use voice commands to control the music, like pause or skip tracks.

Extra tip: You can get Amazon Music for free on your Echo device. Here are more useful topics about Echo Devices:


By integrating voice commands, you can control your playlists and explore new songs with ease, making the whole experience hands-free and enjoyable. Remember, the fun doesn’t stop here; you can also score Amazon Music for free on your Echo device! So, don’t hesitate to dive into the realm of Alexa’s musical wonders and experience the joy of music like never before. Happy listening!

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