How to Connect HomePod to WiFi

The HomePod is a voice-activated smart speaker from Apple that allows users playing music, providing information, answering questions, and connecting to different Apple devices. You will need to connect the HomePod to your home WiFi. Here is the complete guide to do that.

Connecting HomePod to WiFi

Before setting up your HomePod, make sure that you have an active WiFi connectivity in your home that is connected to the internet. Therefore, you must check that the router is using the latest firmware and all components including modem work properly.


Once these steps have been finished, you can set up your HomePod. Here are the steps on how to connect HomePod to WiFi:

  1. To connect your HomePod to WiFi, launch the Home app on iOS device and then choose “Add Accessory” from the available option.
  2. Next, you can press and then hold down for a few seconds located on the top of your HomePod until the light turns to orange. It means that your device is ready for setup mode.
  3. After finishing this step successfully, you will see a prompt that asks you to add an accessory.
  4. Choose Yes and then choose HomePod from the available list.
  5. The next instruction requires you to enter your WiFi password. Tap on Accept on both of your devices (iOS device + HomePod). After that, wait for a few seconds since your devices are connecting automatically using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
  6. Once done, they will continue the connection using WiFi. During this state, you can start looking for the compatible networks in range before creating successful connection. It takes less than two minutes until the devices are connected through WiFi.


If you use Siri and other features that need an internet connection on your HomePod, be sure that you are using a 2.4GHz network, not 5GHz. Otherwise, Siri will not work at all. Be sure that the older generations of routers are not compatible with some features, including multi-room audio playback and AirPlay 2. Then, you can consider replacing or upgrading it immediately so that you can get full advantage of what the HomePod has to offer.

That is all about how to connect HomePod to WiFi. Enjoy all the features available on the brand-new HomePod today.

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