How to Connect Sonos One to Bluetooth

So you have decided to buy Sonos One because you did not find issues about this smart speaker on the market. However, after buying this device you figured out that you have no other options to connect Sonos One to Bluetooth. But, relax because you can get some helpful information here about Bluetooth pairing for Sonos One.

One important note about Sonos One smart speaker is that the product does not support Bluetooth audio playback. It is so sad that the first gen does not come with Bluetooth feature. But, if you go with the later models, you will find Bluetooth low energy, called BLE. If you compare BLE to the traditional, the BLE takes less power capacity but with similar range.


To start setting up Sonos One gen 2 or Sonos One SL, you can use BLE. To start, install the Sonos mobile app. Tap this app, and choose Add device option. Next, find your device. Choose the device and your Sonos One will connect to your smartphone.

In this post, we will tell you everything you should know about Bluetooth feature on Sonos One. Besides, we will give you some information about Sonos speakers with Bluetooth audio playback.

Do My Sonos Speaker Have BLE?

If you have Sonos One first gen, no BLE. But you can find this technology on Sonos One second gen, and Sonos One SL. So if you purchased the first gen, you cannot find Bluetooth there. It only works with WiFi and Apple AirPlay to stream your favourite music.

How to Use Sonos One BLE to Pair Speaker

After verifying your Sonos One smart speaker model uses BLE, then you can follow the steps below on how to Connect Sonos One to Bluetooth:

  1. Download Sonos mobile app for iOS and Android. Once completed, open the app and open Settings > System > Add a product.
  2. Make sure you have enabled the bluetooth on your smartphone. Also, make sure that you have plugged your smart speaker’s power cord in.
  3. Once the second step is done, check the Sonos app. Tap on continue, and your smart phone or tablet will use BLE to detect the speaker. Once found, then choose to continue. They will ask you to press and release the button located on the back of your Sonos, which is the infinity symbol. Let it chimes which is the sign that it is connecting.
  4. You will get a notification on your smartphone or tablet. It is the confirmation that you have connected Sonos One to Bluetooth successfully. Next, choose the way to use this speaker. You can choose some options such as a surround speaker or stereo pair.

The Alternatives

Sonos One are always the great choice for home, not for portable smart speaker enthusiasts. It is because Sonos One first gen does not come with bluetooth or BLE. However, there are other smart speakers they have produced with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. For example, you can buy Sonos Roam, Sonos SL, and Sonos Move.

More topics to help you use Sonos One smart speaker effectively:


To end this post, you cannot connect Sonos One via bluetooth. There are certain Sonos smart speakers that offer you Bluetooth Low Energy that can help you set it up.

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