How to Connect Sonos One to TV

When you connect Sonos One to TV, you will get the benefit of having greater entertainment experience than before. Sonos One is a very popular choice as a smart speaker with high audio quality. It hit the market with the capability to produce crystal-clear sound. Thus, it can improve your TV watching experience.


Steps to Connect Sonos One to TV

Here are the steps to help you connect this smart speaker to your TV:

1. Check the Firmware

Before using this tutorial, be sure that your Sonos One is updated to the newest firmware version. You can check the available update by tapping on the Sonos app from your smartphone or tablet. After that, choose the “More” section located in the bottom, right corner of the screen. There, you will easily know the available firmware updates. Download the available updates to continue.

2. Connect Sonos One to Home Network

Now, you must connect your Sonos One to Home Network before connecting it to your TV. To do so, go to the Sonos app on your tablet or smartphone. After that, tap on “Add a product” located in the lower left corner. You can continue by following the instructions on the screen.

3. Connect Sonos One to TV

There are two methods on how to do this step. The first method is to connect this smart speaker to your TV through a wired connection. You need an audio cable such as an optical cable or RCA. It works to connect the TV’s audio output (the label is “Audio Out) to this smart speaker. Plug one end of that cable into the audio output on your TV and the other end into the smart speaker’s audio input (the label is “Line-In).

The second method is to connect it wirelessly. To do so, your TV must have Bluetooth Connectivity. Then, enable this connection and then put Sonos One in pairing mode.

To enter the pairing mode, press and hold the Play/Pause button on its top. Your Sonos One will appear on your TV’s Bluetooth device list. After that, tap on it to connect.

4. Change the Settings

Once your smart speaker is connected to the TV, customise the settings. This will help you get the best audio experience. Launch the Sonos app on your tablet or smartphone. After that, tap on Settings located in the lower right corner. Under the section of “Room Settings”, choose Sonos One speaker, click “EQ” to customise the bass and treble. Also, adjust the Audio Delay setting to make sure the TV’s video and audio signals are connected properly.

Here are other interesting topics about Sonos One to give you greater experience:

That is all the guideline on how to connect Sonos One to TV. It is very easy to do, if you follow the guideline above carefully. With its high quality audio performance, Sonos One is promising to provide you with a higher level of entertainment experience.

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