How to Connect Sonos Roam to Bluetooth

Understanding how to connect Sonos Roam to Bluetooth is a convenient way to play audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Whether you are using your phone, tablet, or laptop, pairing Sonos smart speaker with Bluetooth is usually easy.

However, some users encounter issues because the Roam tends to prioritize recent Wi-Fi connections over recent Bluetooth connections. This can be frustrating, and therefore, we provide this post for you to increase your experience using this smart speaker.

How to Connect Sonos Roam to Bluetooth Device

To connect your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth, first, turn Sonos Roam on. Then, you can press and hold the power button, do this for about 2 seconds. Keep an eye on the LED indicator; once it turns blue from white, your Sonos Roam is in Bluetooth mode. Now, you can pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled devices and enjoy your audio content seamlessly.

If you are not sure about how to pair your Sonos Roam with Bluetooth, no need to fret. We are here to guide you through each step, ensuring you can begin enjoying your audio on your Sonos Roam without any hassle.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Sonos or a seasoned user, connecting your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth offers a wonderful opportunity to enhance your speaker experience. Let’s start the process and connect your Sonos Roam to Bluetooth today!

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Pair Sonos Roam Feature

The Sonos Roam, available on Amazon, is a portable speaker equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. However, unlike its predecessor, the Sonos Move, the Roam lacks a physical toggle switch to switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes.

So, there is a single button located next to the USB Type-C power port that manages both the speaker’s power and pairing functions. Consequently, it’s not as straightforward to enter Bluetooth discovery mode and pair your phone with the Sonos Roam compared to the Move.

The speaker seamlessly transitions between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as you move in and out of your home. However, this feature can cause confusion if you simply want to use a Bluetooth device within your home at the moment. You might encounter difficulty pairing or finding the speaker in your Bluetooth device’s connection menu.


Step 1: Enter Bluetooth Pairing Mode on Sonos Roam

To use the Sonos Roam into Bluetooth pairing mode, follow these steps:

  • Press the power button on the Sonos Roam.
  • A white LED light will begin flashing above the Sonos logo on the Roam.
  • Once the white light is solid, press and hold the power button again.
  • Listen for a chime and then release the power button.
  • The LED light will start flashing blue, indicating that the Roam is now in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Now you can pair the Roam with external devices as usual. If you encounter difficulties pairing, remember that a solid white light means the Roam is currently connected to Wi-Fi and will remain so until you take action.

Step 2: Connecting Sonos Roam to Bluetooth

To pair your Bluetooth device with your Sonos Roam, here is what you need to do:

  • Press and hold the power button on the back of the Roam for two seconds, then release it. You’ll hear a pairing tone, and the status LED on the front will start flashing blue. If the LED is already flashing blue from the previous section, you’re already done with this step!
  • Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and select the Sonos Roam from the list of available devices.
  • Once successfully paired, you’ll hear another tone, and the status LED will change to solid blue. Now, play some music to ensure everything is working correctly.

Keep in mind that you need to set up the Roam with Sonos app on Wi-Fi before this speaker can connect to your device using Bluetooth. Make sure the Roam is powered on and awake before following the steps above. Also, keep in mind that two Roams in a stereo pair can play Bluetooth audio when connected to Wi-Fi. However, stereo pairing is unavailable when away from a Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Sonos Roam Pairing Mode Troubleshooting

If you’re encountering difficulties connecting your Sonos Roam to your device via Bluetooth, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Forget the smart speaker on your device, then re-pair it from beginning. This can reset the connection and address any issues preventing the devices from connecting properly.
  2. Ensure that the Roam is in Bluetooth pairing mode. Sometimes, the Roam may use a local Wi-Fi connection by default. So, double-check that it’s in the correct mode for Bluetooth pairing. Refer to the first section of this article for a quick review.
  3. Confirm that the Roam is within range of your device. Bluetooth connections have limited range, so if the Roam is too far away from your device, it may not be able to connect. If both devices are nearby, you can skip this check.
  4. Disable any other devices that might be interfering with the Bluetooth connection. Other Bluetooth devices, like headphones or speakers, can sometimes disrupt the connection and prevent the Roam from connecting properly.
  5. Sometimes, simply restart Sonos Roam can resolve issues preventing the connection from working correctly. Try restarting both your Sonos Roam and the device you’re trying to pair it with.

By following these steps, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve any issues with your Sonos Roam Bluetooth connection.

More Tips about How to Pair Sonos Roam Bluetooth

When using the Sonos Roam Bluetooth connection, the device will disconnect from Bluetooth connections automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. While this feature helps conserve battery life, it can be frustrating if you’re actively using the device and it suddenly disconnects.

Fortunately, you can adjust the Bluetooth Idle Auto-Disconnect setting in the Roam’s settings to better suit your needs. To access this setting, navigate to the Settings tab, then select System > Roam > Bluetooth > Idle Auto-Disconnect.

How to connect Sonos Roam to Bluetooth offers a fantastic way to enjoy audio from your Bluetooth-enabled device. However, because the Roam tends to prioritize recent Wi-Fi connections over recent Bluetooth connections, some users might encounter difficulties when pairing their devices.

Fortunately, by manually forcing the device into Bluetooth mode, you can ensure that you always have the control you need over your Sonos Roam, regardless of where you take it.

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