How to Reset and Factory Reset Sonos One

If you want to sell your Sonos One, you must perform a hard reset first. This way will help you to restore your device to the original factory settings. Also, hard reset will clear all your connections and data. So, the second owner will not access any data that tells your personal information. Here is the complete guideline on how to reset Sonos One.


Soft Reboot Sonos One

Performing a hard reset can help you delete all existing settings. So, your Sonos One will work as if it were just from its box. That is a recommended action if you want to sell your device or when you encounter serious problems with its performance.

You can perform a soft reset easily by unplugging the Sonos One for about 10 seconds, after that plug it back in. If you are still having problems after this, you can choose a full reset.

How to Reset Sonos One Smart Speaker

As we have mentioned, resetting Sonos One will delete your data permanently. The device will delete the registration information, saved data to My Sonos, and other information that you stored on this smart speaker. It is a great option when you prepare to sell this device, but it is also important as the part of setting up Sonos One process if your Sonos One is not detected.

Sonos does not recommend resetting this smart speaker to fix problems. But, if the warranty has ended, and you understand the risks, then you can perform a hard reset.

How to Factory Reset Sonos One

  1. Unplug your smart speaker
  2. Locate the join or the Connect button on the back of the smart speaker. Hold it down, do not release as you plug the smart speaker back into a power source.
  3. Keep holding down until there is a flashing series of white and orange lights on your smart speaker.
  4. Release the button, wait. Your Sonos One light must flash to green.
  5. Once the green lights flashing, then your Sonos One has been reset.

That is all about how to reset Sonos One. We hope these instructions can help you soft reset or hard reset the smart speaker seamlessly.

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