How To Fix Amazon Echo Dot Not Turn On When Plugged

There are some factors why my Echo Dot not turning on. It can be because of not original circuit board, bad power port, power adapter not working, or other faulty settings. To solve this problem, you need to do a series of troubleshooting instructions.

If your Echo Dot 3rd generation wont turn on, this small bluetooth speaker is very functional as a smart speaker. Generally, the price of this smart speaker in the market is about US$40. It works with Alexa so you can use this device to perform different voice control commands. Some included features are easy setup, fabric design, and good sound quality.


What to Do When Echo Dot Will Not Turn On (3rd Gen)

It can be a frustrating experience when this smart speaker won’t turn on. You cannot use the device at all when the battery level runs out. Here are some instructions to solve this problem:

1. Factory Reset

The first thing to do is to factory reset or hard reset your smart speaker. This action will remove your user data on this bluetooth speaker and then bring it back to the default settings.

This is an important troubleshooting steps you can do when you have problems with the device. For example, when your smart speaker cannot establish a Bluetooth connection or when the device has power problems.

Time: 2 minute


How factory reset echo dot:

  • Press and then hold the action button. Do this for 25 seconds. This way will help you start the reset process.
  • Wait for the light ring so it turns on and goes blue. When the light ring turns orange, it means that your smart speaker is ready to set up.
  • Check the device if it powers on.

2. Remove The Dirt in the Power Port

If your Amazon Echo Dot not turning on, it is possible if it is dirty and prevent its function. You can check the power port of the smart speaker for any dirt or any debris. Clean it off by using a toothpick. Alternatively, you can blow to this part to remove the dirt. When the port is clean, try to turn on the device.

3. Get a New Power Adapter

Your smart speaker will not turn on because it can use a defective power adapter. The adapter cannot work if the cord is broken, and there is a faulty internal board. Try to replace the adapter with the new one. After that, you can check if the issue still exists.

4. Check the Circuit Board

A defective speaker circuit board can be the main problem why your Echo Dot wont turn on. It can happen when water gets inside the smart speaker and damages the internal components. If this is what is causing the issue, you must get a help and fix it at a service center.

Echo Dot Not Showing Any Lights When Plugged In

Your Echo Dot not turning on when plugged in? Here are some more troubleshooting steps to solve this issue:

  • Unplug your device and wait for about two minutes, and then re-plug it.
  • Make sure that you are using the original cable to support the device.
  • On the Alexa app, check the device status.
  • Press and then hold the action button. Wait for 20 seconds to check if your smart speaker responses or if your device lights up.
  • Plug in the smart speaker to a different socket. This method helps you to know if the problem is not with the power supply when your Alexa Echo Dotnot turning on.
  • If possible, try using a different cable. This way will make sure that the cable of your smart speaker is working properly.

You can also use the steps above to solve your issue when your Amazon echo 2nd generation not turning on.

Alexa Echo Dot Won’t Turn On And Wi-Fi Is Working Fine

Maybe you have tried to unplug your smart speaker, but no power and your Wi-Fi is fine. If you need help about my Echo Dot won’t turn on, here are some more methods to try to:

  • Make sure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi. Fix your Wi-Fi issues if the issue persists.
  • Check if you have the newest version of the Alexa app.
  • Reset your device.

That is all the things you should know about what to do when your Echo Dot does not turn on. Here are more topics to help you use this device better:

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