How to Fix Sonos Move Not Connecting to Bluetooth

Sonos speakers are a popular choice, because the brand offers versatile design and performance. The speakers are easy to integrate with other products from Sono. If you have Sonos Move not connecting to Bluetooth, it is frustrating experience, for sure.

Maybe, recently you bought the Sonos Move as an addition for your Sonos system. The speaker offers an impressive experience if you like integrating speakers for various playlists. Besides, the speaker has auto-adjust feature for the audio. This way will improve the sound, depends on the location of the speaker.

For your information, this speaker can work with Bluetooth. It will improve your shower time since you can take this speaker with you, anytime you took shower. However, it is not easy to connect Sonos Move to a bluetooth device.


Important Notes

  • Set up your Sonos Move to the Sonos system, and then connect it to WiFi before pairing it with other devices through Bluetooth. Otherwise, Sonos Move will not connecting to Bluetooth.
  • Sonos Move cannot connect to the Sonos network if you do not connect it to WiFi. Make sure that the router is close during the initial setup.
  • You must use S1 or S2 app if you want to connect the speaker to the WiFi connectivity. The second generation of Sonos Move only can work with the S2 app.
  • On the top of the Sonos Move, you will see the status LEDs. It can tell you the speaker’s status. It goes green when it does not set up with the Sonos system. The LED goes up solid white when this speaker is on, and it works properly. If the light turns on solid orange, it means there is an issue with the setup, or the Sonos Move is overheating. If the light flashes Orange LED, it means that the device is establishing a connection during this setup.
  • If the LED light flashes blue, it means the device is in pairing mode. But, if it goes to solid blue, then it has been connected through bluetooth.
  • You can play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume using your voice control when Sonos Move is connected to Bluetooth.
  • If the Sonos Move is in bluetooth pairing mode, you cannot use it for voice assistants, stereo pairing, or speaker grouping.

How to Pair Sonos Move to Bluetooth

Before pairing Sonos Move to Bluetooth devices, you must connect it to WiFi first. You can set up a new system using the speaker or add it to the available Sonos system.

This smart speaker can work with both S1 and S2 app. But, it is better to choose the S2 app because it is the newest generation of the Sonos app. For the S2 app, it works with Android and iOS devices.

Sonos Move not connecting to Bluetooth? Here are the instructions on how to connect Sonos Move to WiFi network so you can pair it with Bluetooth device:

  • Download the Sonos app from Google Play or App Store
  • Make sure your phone is connected to the WiFi network. You can use 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. Make sure that your phone and your Sonos Move use the same WiFi-band.
  • If the Sonos Move is new, you can connect it to the charger first, and then turn it on.
  • Check the back of this speaker, you will find some buttons. The power button is the first on the top, with the power icon.
  • Press that button, and your speaker will turn on.
  • The status LED will go white, and it will show the speaker is on.
  • The LED will change to green, means you must connect it to the Sonos system. It can stop flashing green if the setup is complete.
  • Open the S2 app on your phone and then accept the term of use.
  • Choose “set up a new system”
  • S2 app will prompt you to log in or make a Sonos account by using your email address.
  • This app will show a pop-up with this speaker’s picture, add it to the Sonos system.
  • Choose Add on the prompt. You can choose Continue, and then set up products if you are using S1 app.
  • From the app, you can follow the instructions to the end, and prompt you some important permissions to access features.
  • This app will also prompt you to download available updates.

In rare cases, the pop-up with this speaker’s name and picture did not appear. Tap on the “Settings” icon, and then choose System > Add product, and then this app will guide you do the setup.

The speakers LED must be solid white once the initial setup is finish. Now, you can connect your Sonos Move to any Bluetooth device by following the instructions here:

How to Pair the Sonos Move through Bluetooth

Here are the instructions to pair the Sonos Move to other Bluetooth device:

  • Power on the speaker. Make sure the LED status is solid white.
  • Disable WiFi mode and enable Bluetooth mode. To do so, press the Bluetooth mode button located on the back of this speaker, the middle button.
  • The speaker is in Bluetooth mode when the status LED goes to blue. The speaker works a chime to let you know the change of modes.
  • Launch the Bluetooth settings on the device that you want to pair it to the Sonos Move.
  • Choose Sonos Move from the available list of devices and pair.
  • The pairing is successful if the status LED light goes to solid Blue, and the speaker sounds a chime.

That is all you should know when you want to fix Sonos Move not connecting to Bluetooth. You can pair the Move to one device at a time, but keep in mind that it can remember 6 previously paired devices.

In Bluetooth mode, Sonos Move can connect to the last connected device, automatically. This condition can happen only if the device’s Bluetooth is active and within the range of the Sonos Move.

It is possible to use the audio control when the Sonos Move has been connected to a Bluetooth device. But, you only can use the basic controls such as pausing and resuming playback, or skipping to the previous or next song and lowering or increasing the volume.

For other controls, such as voice assistants to start audio playback, you can do it if the Move is connected to an available Wi-Fi connection. Besides, you cannot see the speaker on the Sonos app when the Bluetooth pairing mode is active.

Here are more good things to use Sonos Move better:

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