How To Perform Factory Reset Google Hub Max

Are you looking for the complete guide on how to factory reset Google Hub Max? Hub Max or Nest Hub Max is one of the Google smart display that supports busy family so they can stay in touch. The device comes out with a built-in camera that lets you video call your family. The built-in camera is also a great addition to help you keep an eye on stuff at home.

When it comes to the speakers, it offers powerful quality that will add more transformation to your home while helping you to stay connected and organized. Buy this product means that you will find some things below in its box:

  • Nest Hub Max
  • Power adapter
  • Safety and warranty booklet
  • Quick guide

But, what will you do when the Google Hub Max is not working at all?


Factory Reset Google Hub Max

Maybe at first, you were very happy because your Google Hub Max worked nice. But when there were many issues such as the screen display not working, or the camera not working, the device is unresponsive, then you definitely need to factory reset this smart speaker display.

Here are the following steps on how to do a factory data reset on Google Hub Max:

  • Go to the back of the Home Max.
  • Find factory reset button near the power cord, press and then hold it within 12 seconds.
  • Now, your device will tell you that it is resetting.

Factory reset can be a valuable option if smart speaker display keeps saying devices aren’t connected. Please note that performing a factory reset will erase all data and you need to set it up again like the first time you are using it. That is all you should know about how to factory reset it. We hope that you can find a solution to keep using your Nest Hub Max for the next days!

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