How to Put Echo Dot in Pairing Mode

Amazon offers multiple smart speakers that utilize their voice assistant, Alexa. Among these, the Echo Dot stands out as an excellent choice for home use. With this device, you can interact by asking questions about the weather, staying updated with the latest news, enjoying music, placing phone calls, setting reminders, and organizing lists. However, to make it function, it requires a connection to another device. Below, you’ll find instructions on how to put Echo Dot in Pairing Mode for your Alexa Echo Dot.

The Alexa Echo Dot has the capability to establish connections with various Bluetooth devices. However, in order to link it with other devices, the Alexa Echo Dot must be in setup mode, which enables other devices to identify the Alexa speaker. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to activate setup mode and also provide instructions on how to connect your device to it. The process to enter pairing mode is straightforward and uncomplicated. Keep reading to learn more.


Pairing Mode on Alexa Echo Dot

To activate Pairing Mode on your Alexa Echo Dot, follow these simple steps. Pairing Mode, also known as Setup Mode, enables other Bluetooth devices to locate and connect to your Echo Dot. Whether you’ve just purchased a new Echo Dot or need to connect it to a different device, this is the process you’ll need to follow. You can connect your device either with or without using the Alexa app.

Before you begin, ensure you have the following prerequisites:

1. Amazon Alexa app: Make sure you have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your Android or iOS device.

2. Alexa Echo Dot: Ensure you have your Alexa Echo Dot device ready.

Now, let’s proceed with enabling Pairing Mode on your Alexa Echo Dot.

If you want to connect without using the Alexa app, you can simply use the Bluetooth settings on your device to search for and connect to the Echo Dot once it’s in Pairing Mode.

Following these steps, you’ll be able to put your Alexa Echo Dot in Pairing Mode, allowing you to easily connect it to other devices.

Steps of Pairing Mode in Echo Dot Using Alexa

Entering Setup Mode on your Alexa Echo Dot is straightforward, and here are the steps to pair it with another device:

1. Begin by ensuring your Alexa Echo Dot is plugged into its power source and the speaker is turned on. When it’s ready for pairing, the Echo Dot will display an Orange Light.

2. On your Android or iOS device, download the free Alexa app if you haven’t already. Please note that your Echo Dot should already be connected to your phone for this method to work.

3. Turn on Bluetooth on the device you want to connect with your Echo Dot.

4. Launch the Alexa app and tap on the “Devices” option.

5. Select “Echo and Alexa” and choose your specific Alexa Echo device.

6. On your Echo device page, click on “Connect a device” under Bluetooth Connections. Alternatively, you can click on the Settings icon and choose “Bluetooth devices” > “Pair A New Device.”

7. A list of devices that the Alexa Echo Dot has discovered will appear. Tap on the device you want to pair with your Echo Dot.

8. Accept the pairing request on your other device, and it will now be successfully paired with your Alexa Echo Dot.

To utilize your connected device for media playback on your Alexa speaker, simply say, “Alexa, Bluetooth.” This command will search for and automatically connect to the paired device when it’s within range.

Setting Up Echo Dot Without Alexa App

If you prefer not to use the Alexa app or are unable to use it to set up your Echo Dot speaker and connect it to other devices, you can use the Wi-Fi method to put the speaker in setup mode. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Open a web browser on your desktop computer and go to the website.

2. Sign in to your Amazon account that is linked to the specific Alexa speaker you want to pair.

3. On the left side of the webpage, click on the “Settings” menu.

4. Select “Devices,” and then choose the “Set up a New Device” option.

5. From the list, pick the specific device you wish to connect.

6. Plug your Amazon Echo Dot into its power source.

7. Connect the Echo Dot to the Wi-Fi network named “Amazon-XXX.”

8. Click the “Continue” button in your web browser.

9. Finally, select the device you want to connect to, and you’re all set to go.

Following these steps will enable you to put your Alexa Echo Dot in setup mode and connect it to other devices without using the Alexa app.

How to Unpair Echo Dot

If you no longer wish to use a Bluetooth device that you’ve previously paired with your Echo Dot, you can easily unpair it by following these steps:

1. Launch the Alexa app and sign in with the Amazon account that’s linked to your Echo Dot.

2. Tap on the “Devices” option and select “Echo and Alexa.”

3. Choose your specific Echo Dot device from the list.

4. Tap on “Bluetooth devices.” Select the device you want to remove by tapping on it, and then choose “Forget Device.”

By following these steps, you have successfully unpaired a Bluetooth device from your Alexa Echo Dot.

In conclusion, this guide has covered how to put Echo Dot in pairing mode and how to pair your mobile device with the smart speaker. When you have devices connected to Alexa speakers, you can easily use voice commands to play music, make calls, set alarms, and reminders. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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