How to Reboot Google Nest Hub

Reboot Google Nest Hub can fix some problems such as camera not working or when your smart speaker display is not responsive. There are two ways on how to reboot Nest Hub. First, you can do it from the Google Home app. Second, you can do it by unplugging it and plugging it in back.

Google Nest Hub helps you control various parts of a smart home. By using this smart speaker display, you can listen to music or podcast easily. Alternatively, you can use this device to turn a smart TV off, to ask questions through Google Assistant, and others.


Reboot Google Nest Hub from the Google Home App

To reboot your smart display from Android or iPhone & iPad, here are the following instructions:

  • Be sure that your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the same account as your Nest Hub.
  • Launch the Google Home app
  • Tap and then hold the device’s tile
  • Located at the top right, choose Settings > More > Reboot

Reboot Nest Hub by Unplugging

Here are the instructions if you want to reboot Google Nest Hub by unplugging it:

  • Unplug the power cord from your Nest Hub
  • Let it unplugged for about one minute.
  • Plug the cord back in.

When you do reboot, it is not the same as factory reset your Nest Hub. Rebooting this device is a useful solution when your device runs into trouble during setting it up with the Google Home app. But, if you want to clean all the current settings on Nest Hub because you want to sell or to give it away to your friend, then you should factory reset it first. This way helps you remove all personal data in this device for your privacy needs.

More topics to know better about Google Nest Hub smart speaker display:

Those are all things you should know about how to reboot Google Nest Hub. This is a useful action to help you deal with any issues on this device.

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