Quick Way on How to Reset Echo Dot (1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th)

The Amazon Echo Dot is an outstanding smart speaker. But, not all users know how to reset Echo Dot when the device is not responsive. To recall, the Amazon Echo Dot first generation hit the market in 2016. It came out with a compact size and it featured with built-in voice assistant. For that reason, many people chose it as their favorite smart speaker at home.

So far, Amazon has been producing five generations for Amazon Echo Dot. The three models are available to buy today, on Amazon. Those models include Echo Dot 3rd Generation, Echo Dot 4th Generation, and Echo Dot 5th Generation.


2 Ways on How to Reset Echo Dot

All users must know how to how to reset Alexa echo dot . You have two choices on how to do it. First, you can try a soft reset, which means you will restart the device. If it does not work to fix any issues, then you can go with the second option that is to do Factory Reset.

1. Soft Reset

Performing Soft Reset is an effective solution when this Alexa speaker does not respond to “Alexa” word. Or, you can do Soft Reset when your device does not respond your voice command.

To start performing soft reset or restart your Amazon Echo Dot, you can unplug the power adapter for ten seconds. After that, reconnect it. If your Echo Dot still does not work after soft resetting, you can go with hard reset (factory reset).

2. Factory Reset

Before trying to hard reset or restore your Echo Dot to the factory settings, you must know the model of the device and the physical buttons. Also, it is important to know that hard reset means you will erase all the current settings and all stored data on this device. It also means that you need to set-up it again once the device is reset.

Echo Dot 1

For this product, you can take a paper clip to help you do factory reset on Echo Dot. Check the reset button at the base of this device and use the paper clip to press it until the ring light goes off. You can release the reset button if the light goes to orange, it means that you can set up your Echo Dot.

Echo Dot 2

Users with Amazon Echo Dot 2 or 2nd generation must press-long, hold the volume down and the mic off buttons at the same time, do this for 20 seconds. The right light will off and then on again. It means that your device is reset and you can set it up again.

Echo Dot 3/4/5

Performing a factory reset on Echo Dot 3, 4, and 5 are relatively easy. You can press and then hold the action button, do it for 20 seconds. After that, wait so the device is ready to enter the setup mode.

If you want to reset Echo Dot to give or to sell, it is important to deregister your speaker from the Amazon account first. Besides, you must deregister the Amazon account from your device before starting a hard reset. You can do this by opening the Alexa app from your smartphone. After that, go to Settings, choose Device Settings, choose the specific Echo Dot speaker. From the next screen, you will see “Deregister”, tap on it.

You also can unlink your Echo Dot through the Amazon website on your PC, by heading to “Digital Content and devices”. After that, choose “Manage content and devices”. Next, you can choose “Devices”, choose the particular speaker and then deregister it.

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