How to Reset Sonos One SL

Here, you will get the complete guide on how to reset Sonos One SL. Factory or hard reset is very important to do when you want to give this device to your family or friend.

Besides, factory reset can help when you want to register the smart speaker to a different email address. By doing a factory reset, it means you will delete all your current data from this device, including your streaming music services.


Steps to Reset Sonos One SL

  1. Disconnect your smart speaker from the power cord.
  2. Check at the back of Sonos One SL. You will find the Connect Button. Plug the power cord back simultaneously.
  3. Keep holding the Join Button. Wait until the light on the top of this smart speaker starts flashing in amber and white.
  4. When your Sonos One SL factory reset is finished, then the light will change to green. Now, you can release the Connect Key.

That is the complete guide on how to reset Sonos One SL. Now, this device does not have any of your personal data. It is completely clean, and it is safe to give it away or to sell it to your friends.

More topics you should know about Sonos One smart speaker:


Here are the common questions about Sonos One SL reset device:

1. How can I manually reset Sonos?

Press and then hold the Play/Pause button, do not release. Press and then release the Power button located on the back of this device. Do not release Play/Pause button until the light goes to white and amber. If the light starts changing to green, it means you have reset this smart speaker.

2. What does orange light on Sonos mean?

A solid orange light usually appears on Sonos when you are setting it up. It means that your device cannot complete the setup. To solve this problem, reboot your Sonos. The orange light also means that your Sonos has an overheating issue.

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