How to Reset Sonos Play 1 (Factory Reset)

There are various situations where it is necessary to know how to reset Sonos Play 1. Perhaps you have moved to a new place and need to link it to a different Wi-Fi network, or you want to sell it. Alternatively, if the Sonos speaker is experiencing operational issues, a reset might help troubleshoot and resolve the problem. These situations are not uncommon and may require a reset to address them effectively.

Resetting a Sonos speaker is generally a straightforward process, although the specific steps can vary depending on the model. Each model has its own set of buttons used for the reset procedure. Below, we’ve outlined the steps for resetting Sonos speaker Play 1 to make it convenient for you:


Reset Sonos Play 1

To reset the Sonos Play:1 (as well as the Play:3, Play:5 gen-1, Connect, Connect:Amp, and Playbar), follow these steps:

1. Unplug the speaker from the power source.
2. Then, locate the Play/Pause button on the top of the speaker.
3. Press and hold down the Play/Pause button.
4. While holding the button, plug the speaker back into the power outlet.
5. Next, continue holding the Play/Pause button until you see the speaker’s light start flashing white and amber.
6. Once the light begins flashing green, the reset process is complete.

Factory reset Sonos Play 1

If you encountered some difficulties resetting your Sonos Play 1 speakers using the standard method provided by Sonos, then you can try an alternative solution through your own troubleshooting and research. To summarize the alternative method you found:

1. Connect your Sonos Play 1 speaker with a network cable directly to your router.
2. Power on the Play 1 while holding down the play/pause button.
3. Wait until the speaker flashes orange, then release the play/pause button.
4. After approximately 2 minutes, the speaker should flash green.
5. Disconnect the network cable and power cable from the speaker and place it where desired.
6. Then, reconnect the power cable to the speaker.
7. After about 1 minute, the speaker should flash green again, indicating it’s ready to be added to your Sonos system via the app and configured as part of your surround setup.

This method bypasses any potential issues with the standard reset process. So, it allows you to successfully reset and reconnect your Sonos Play 1 speakers.

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