How to Set Up Echo Show 5 for Beginners

If you just bought an Amazon Echo Show 5, it is the time to unboxing it and then setting it up. When it comes to Amazon Echo Show 5 setup, all things you need are stable WiFi connection, the device itself, and your Amazon account. Here is how to set up Echo Show 5.


Setting Up Amazon Echo Show 5

Here are the steps to install Amazon Echo Show 5:

1. Plug in your Device

There is included power adapter on your Echo Show 5. Therefore, you can plug one end into the power port located on the back of the smart display and the other one into an electrical outlet.

2. Connect Echo Show 5 to WiFi

On the display, you can follow the prompts to choose a preferred language. After that, connect your Echo Show 5 to the available WiFi. Touch the display to choose the WiFi network and then enter the password.

3. Log in to Amazon Account

You need to sync your account during the setup process. Therefore, you must enter your Amazon login. If you do not have it, then you must sign up first, you can do it at no cost.

4. Confirm Location Details

Once logging in, then follow the prompts to confirm your time zone, device location, and address. Those details are important to help your Echo Show 5 get the correct information about traffic patterns.

5. Customize Personal Touches

Let your Echo Show 5 device has a name. For example, you can give a name, like “Taylor’s Echo Show 5”. By giving a name to your device, it helps you identify the device better. It makes you easily recognize this device, especially if you are using multiple Echo Show smart displays.

Other than that, you can stream your photos as backgrounds on your Show 5, just like a digital photo frame. Once finishing the setup, you can enjoy watching movies or TV Shows on Hulu and Prime Video, listening to music with the lyrics on the screen. Even you can make video calls using Alexa to communicate with your family and friends.

When you setting up Echo Show 5, you do not need Alexa app. It is important to find new Alexa skills to use your smart display.

How to Set Up Your Privacy

Now, you have followed our guide on how to set up Echo Show 5. The next thing you should try for using this device is how to keep your privacy. You do not want it keeps watching or listening. Therefore, you still can get your privacy using this smart display.

First, you can disable the mic and the camera on your Echo Show 5. To do so, press the mic or the camera button located on the top of the device. There is LED light that will turn to red when the camera and mic are off.

If you want to disable the camera, you can use the sliding shutter located on the top of the device, close to the volume controls.

You can skip using voice recordings to get Amazon services, as well. To do so, open the settings > Alexa privacy > Manage your Alexa data. There, you can toggle off “Use voice recordings to improve Amazon services”.

In this settings, even you can delete the voice recordings that are open for anyone you share the app with.

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That is all about how to set up Echo Show 5. Hopefully, this article can help you using this device immediately at home.

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