How to Set Up HomePod Mini for Beginner

How to set up HomePod Mini is easy. Apple’s HomePod Mini works as a smart speaker that is great for a personal assistant and music speaker. This small speaker can work with Apple ecosystem but you must set it up first to enjoy using this device.

How to Set Up HomePod Mini

Before starting to set it up, unboxing it first and then place it properly in your home. Follow the instructions below to set up your HomePod Mini:

  1. Open your HomePod mini. Release this device from its packaging.
  2. Take out the power adapter together with the cable. Find the right spot to set up your HomePod mini. Be sure that it has 6-inch of space on all sides. You can place it on a kitchen counter or an office desk.
  3. Once you get the ideal spot, plug it into a nearby outlet.
  4. Your device will start to come to life now. Continue to the next step.


How to Set Up HomePod Mini Using iOS Device

Take out your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You will need one of these devices to set up your mini speaker. HomePod Mini can work with iPhone 6s or later, iPhone SE, and iPod touch 7th gen with the newest iOS, iPad Pro, iPad 5th gen or later, iPad Mini 4 or later, and iPad Air 2 or later.

  1. Unlock it with the method you like. When on the home screen, you can bring your device close to the HomePod mini. Hover above it for a moment.
  2. The mini comes with a chip that will detect when there is a mobile IOS device is close. This will allow both of the devices to start interacting each other.
  3. You will get a picture of your HomePod mini on the smartphone’s display, and it will say Set Up. Choose it to start. You will need to use your iPhone hovering close the mini for the entire process.

Answer Questions about Siri, Location, and Accounts

Apple will now give you through a few quick setup questions. There are some things you must do manually, here are things to prepare:

  1. Select a location for the HomePod Mini. Pick common locations like backyard, bedroom, entrance, and others. This can be helpful when Siri needs to identify multiple HomePods.
  2. To continue how to set up HomePod Mini, you need to set up the Personal Requests. Siri will help you access reminders, messages, and more when the iOS device you are using is close to it. It can recognize your voice and it can tap into your iOS device whenever you are close. If you have a plan on using this smart speaker at a desk, or office, it can be a very handy feature. Otherwise, you do not have to set it up now.
  3. Optimize Siri voice recognition. Siri can recognize unique voices in your home and then match the voices based on the Apple accounts, music, reminders, and devices. It is important to note that Siri can change what she does based on who is saying to the speaker and the iPhone that they are using.
  4. Apple also provides an option to transfer your latest settings to HomePod. For example, your iCloud account, iPhone settings, and WiFi network information.

Now, Apple adds a last window that has a little viewfinder on it. It can ask you to center the HomePod within this window. It is just like a Face ID check on your iPhone that allows this device to access your HomePod automatically.

Once completed the identification, your HomePod will complete setting up and then it will display Done. Siri will also announce that your HomePod is ready to use.

Start Using Siri

That is all about how to set up HomePod Mini. It is good to try a couple of Commands when you are done to make sure that everything in this device works perfectly. For example, you can say “Hey Siri, play Taylor Swift”, or “Hey Siri, what time is it?” to test this HomePod. Make sure that it is reporting any information from your iOS device and the right Apple Account.

Connect Two HomePods

You can connect two HomePods to create stereo sound if you have purchased two at the same time. Luckily, it is easy to set up because HomePods are great at recognizing each other. Place them in the same room and then set them both up and play music. The two HomePods will automatically divide the sound. You just need to position them more as you need until the audio sound is perfect for you.

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