How to Update HomePod and HomePod Mini

If you want to use Apple HomeKit at home, then you can choose HomePod or HomePod mini smart speakers. Both of them come out with great sound quality, nice design, and support you with Siri voice assistant.

The two gadgets work best to complete any smart home design. Best of all, these products are from Apple which is very serious to improve their smart speakers through software updates. So, here is the guideline on how to update HomePod.

It is easy to update your HomePod. It is also quick that you only need about 10 minutes to complete the instructinos below. What you need is HomePod or HomePod mini, Home app, and iOS device. Also, you can check for any available updates manually, but you must use the newest software.


Instructions to Update HomePod and HomePod Mini

Here are some easy steps on how to update your HomePod or HomePod Mini:

  1. Open the Home app on the iOS device (do this after verifying that your iOS device is using the updated software)
  2. Find More button and tap on it
  3. Open the Settings menu and then choose Software Update
  4. If Apple has launched an update that is yet to be installed on this device, then choose Update
  5. Also, you can toggle the Settings icon so it can do Automatic Updates. Turn this section on so that your device will always update the software automatically. This menu also tells you the version that your HomePod is working.
  6. The software updates may take time to complete. Your HomePod will not be fully working when it is still updating. The sign that your HomePod is updating is the white light that keeps spinning on this device. If it is still spinning, make sure that there is no interruption. The smart speaker should be plugged in while updating, do not interrupt it.

That is the complete instruction that you can follow on updating HomePod. Now, you are ready using the latest software version!

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