Amazon Alexa Setup on PC Guide for Beginners


In this article, we are going to share about Amazon Alexa setup on PC for beginners. Nowadays, you can find many devices that work with Alexa in the stores. You can buy smart bulbs or switches that are supported by Alexa. However, there’s a small problem with these devices. If you don’t have an Alexa smart speaker, you won’t be able to use all the … Read more

How Do I Set Up Amazon Music on Alexa Echo Devices

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My Echo Dot 5 Wont Connect to WiFi with Internet


Echo Dot 5th generation is a powerful smart speaker that has changed the way you interact with the technology. This device also works with voice recognition as its artificial intelligence to follow or respond your commands or requests. So, what can you do when your Echo Dot 5 wont connect to WiFi with internet? If you experience that your new Echo Dot 5 refuses to … Read more

How to Set Up Echo Dot 4th Generation


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How To Set Up Amazon Music On Echo Dot


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Things to Do When Your HomePod not turning on


If your Homepod not turning on, it can be because of the unreliable power source. Or, you can restart this smart speaker. To do so, unplug it first for ten seconds, and then plug it back in. Or, you can open the Home app, and then choose Homepod. Tap on Reset HomePod. In some cases, your Homepod will not turn on since it is broken … Read more

My HomePod not Connecting to Internet, How to Fix it?


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Echo Dot 5th Gen Not Working

Maybe you never imagined that right now, your Echo Dot 5th gen not working. This fifth-gen of Amazon Echo Dot comes out with something different such as tap gestures as well as mesh networking. Many people like it because it offers great tap gestures, balanced sound quality, and it can work as an Eero mesh network node. The coming of Echo Dot 5 is a … Read more

How To Perform Factory Reset Google Hub Max

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Echo Dot 5 Factory Reset, Reset, and Deregister


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