My Echo Dot 5 Wont Connect to WiFi with Internet

Echo Dot 5th generation is a powerful smart speaker that has changed the way you interact with the technology. This device also works with voice recognition as its artificial intelligence to follow or respond your commands or requests. So, what can you do when your Echo Dot 5 wont connect to WiFi with internet?

If you experience that your new Echo Dot 5 refuses to connect to your WiFi with internet connection, it can display a message saying that WiFi is not setup, and ask you to go to your Alexa app. This issue needs a few time until it display let’s try something else, what can you do next?


Echo Dot 5 Won’t Connect to WiFi with Internet

Here are some possible methods to connect your Echo Dot 5 to WiFi:

1. Use WiFi Credentials

In this case, “connected without internet” is something normal. You are trying to connect your Echo Dot 5 directly through WiFi. Simply, pass on the WiFi credentials so it can connect to the router. Once is completed, you can switch your device working the Alexa app back to the normal connection.

In addition, if you are using a smartphone or a tablet, it is better to temporarily disable the cellular network first. This is important so that it can detect internet connection on a WiFi. This is also helpful to pass the WiFi credentials.

2. Use Wired Ethernet Connection or Bluetooth

Another way you can do when your Echo Dot 5 wont connect to WiFi with internet, try turn off the wifi first. This method is also helpful for those who want to set up Echo Dot 5. It is because this smart speaker comes with wired Ethernet connection and Bluetooth connection.When you want to set up the process, you can make certain Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet is on. This can be useful to pass the WiFi credentials.

3. WiFi Should be 5 GHz

You can use Echo Dot 5 with two Wi-Fi network options. First is 2.4GHz and second is 5 GHz frequencies that has WPA 2 security protocol to strengthen the security. It is recommended to have a network speed 3 Mbps minimum and this smart speaker can work within range 30 feet of the Wi-Fi router. Be sure that the Wi-Fi network is stable so it can work properly.

More related topics about Echo Dot 5:

Many people use Echo Dot 5 for many things to have smart home integration. However, WiFi connection is very important to support your Echo Dot 5. Without a stable connection, it can limit the speaker functionality.

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