Fix Nest Audio Cannot Connect to Google Assistant

Before using your Nest Audio, you need to set it up first. But sometimes, it is possible to get problems during this stage. One of the issues is when your Nest Hub Audio cannot connect to Google Assistant.

This problem could happen when you want to add your Nest Audio to the primary home and you get stuck on connecting your assistant account to it. Usually, this problem is following with an error message as below:

The operation couldn’t be completed. (kGSKError Domain error-83902.)


How to Fix Nest Audio Cannot Connect to Google Assistant during Setup

Here are some possible ways to fix Nest Audio that cannot connect to Google Assistant during the setup:

1. Initial Check

To troubleshoot, you can reset your Nest Hub Audio. Or, associate the smart speaker with different rooms. You can also uninstall and then reinstall the Google Home app from your smartphone. Whether you use an Android or Apple smartphone, you still need the latest version of Google Home app.

2. Change the Language

Resolve this problem by changing the default language on your smartphone to English US. Also, change the language on your Google account to English US. Even, you need to change the assistant settings to Google US.

Here are more topics about Nest Audio to get a higher level of user experience:

You can try the second step if the first did not bring any changes. The second step can be the solution because Google may check the language and the physical location to create a network area.

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