How to Fix Nest Mini Keeps Rebooting Itself

How to fix Nest Mini keeps rebooting itself? The Google Nest Mini is a smart speaker to help you manage your day with hands-free convenience. With its built-in Google Assistant, the Nest Mini is capable of controlling your smart home devices, playing music, answering questions, and more.

However, sometimes, users may encounter an issue where their Nest Mini keeps rebooting itself, leading to frustration and inconvenience.


How to Solve Nest Smart Speaker Keeps Rebooting

If you see four dots, all-colored and after that your Nest does not respond to anything, read this post. We will suggest some solutions to fix Nest mini keeps rebooting:

1. Try a different power adapter/ power outlet

Why the Nest Mini may keep rebooting itself is that it may have a power-related issue. The Nest Mini requires a stable power source to function correctly, and if the power source is unstable or insufficient, it may cause the device to restart or shut down unexpectedly.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your Nest Mini is connected to a stable power source and that the power adapter is working correctly. You can try using a different power outlet or power adapter to see if that resolves the issue.

2. Reset Nest Mini to default settings/ Update the firmware.

The Nest Mini, like any other electronic device, may experience occasional software glitches or bugs that can affect its functionality. If the Nest Mini’s firmware is outdated or corrupt, it may cause the device to restart repeatedly. In such cases, you can try resetting your Nest Mini to its default settings or updating its firmware.

To reset your Nest Mini, press and hold the factory reset button on the bottom of the device for about 15 seconds. To update the firmware, go to the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet and check if there are any available updates for your Nest Mini.

3. Try Troubleshooting tips

Can you attempt the following troubleshooting step:

  • On the side of your Google Nest Mini, unplug the power cord. Then, wait for 10 seconds before plugging it back in. Wait until the four LED lights on top light up.
  • Repeat step 1 ten more times, completing a total of eleven times.
  • Once you have plugged in the power cord for the final time, wait for a few moments for the device to reset. You will hear the device announce “Welcome to Google Home,” indicating that it is ready for setup.

4. Ask Replacement

The issue may be due to a hardware-related problem. The Nest Mini may have a faulty hardware component, such as a damaged power button or a defective microphone. This causes it to reboot unexpectedly.

If you have tried the above solutions and still experience the same issue, you may need to contact Google’s customer support for further assistance. They can help you diagnose the problem and provide a solution. For instance, a replacement device if the issue is hardware-related.


In conclusion, if you are experiencing an issue where your Google Nest Mini keeps rebooting itself, there are a few possible causes and solutions. You can check your power source, reset/update your Nest Mini’s firmware, or contact customer support for further assistance. By following these solutions, you can ensure that your Nest Mini functions correctly and continues to provide you with a convenient and hands-free experience.

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