Nest Mini Keeps Resetting

One bug that many users dealt with their Nest Mini keeps resetting to factory settings. You have no choice left unless to set it up again from a new beginning via Google Home app. Maybe, you wonder why this issue keeps happening. Here are some things to solve the problem:

  1. Make sure that you are using the original adapters and cables.
  2. Try moving the Nest Mini near your router. After that, reboot your Mini once again and your network.
  3. If the second step is not effective, try to do a sequential reboot. To do so, unplug your router and your Nest Mini. After that, restart your phone. Or, you can re-plug everything start from your router.

If your Nest Mini keeps resetting to the factory settings, it means that every time you want to use the device, you must open the Google Home and then find the message “set up Nest Mini”, and keep setting it up all the time. If the issue persists, try to contact the community specialist. Usually, they will ask you to fill out a form to let them know the issue.


About Nest Mini Second Gen

This is a small smart speaker with google assistant and it has improved music quality, speed, and voice recognition to replace the predecessor, the Home Mini. Users can add it in many places because it is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

The predecessor of this smart speaker was a good assistant, but not an impressive speaker. Google knows that right now the smart speaker users want to use the device for playing music. Since the competition on this market is very tight, Google then improved this device with better music experience.

To replace Google Home Mini, Nest Mini released with the similar look retained from the predecessor. But, of course there are some significant changes. The dimension, the mic off switch, and the more color options are available. Best of all, Google introduces fabric to cover the top half of Nest Mini speaker made of 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Meanwhile, this device has 35% of chassis made of recycled materials.

The biggest change that makes something different on Google Nest Mini is the charger. The first generation released with a micro-USB cable. But, Google replaced it with pin-style DC plug for this second gen.

Therefore, it can be frustrating if your Nest Mini keeps resetting to the factory settings. It is because this device has improved music quality. The higs and the mids clear and all manner of music on this smart speaker is impressive.

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