Setting Up Echo Dot 5th Generation

Knowing the way on setting up Echo Dot 5th generation means that you can directly use it to play for music, get news, and information once done. You can use this smart speaker device at anywhere in your home as long as it is not far from Wi-Fi connection.

The Amazon Echo Dot comes out as one of the best smart speakers available on the market. Amazon has been investing their technology in this market for eight years with a few significant improvements between each gen.


Setting Up Echo Dot 5 Successfully

Setting up Echo Dot 5th generation is easy and it only takes a few minutes. You do not have to be an expert to set it up, and here are the things to start:

  • Open the app store from your device, find Alexa app, and then download it (Create a new account or use your existing Amazon account to log in). Be sure that you have connected your phone to Bluetooth and you have Wi-Fi password.
  • Plug in your smart speaker, Echo Dot 5. You can open the Echo Dot box first. Connect the included power adapter to an electrical outlet. At the bottom of the device, you can see a blue light to spin. In few seconds, Alexa will tell you to finish the set up.
  • Follow the instruction to start setting it up. Once you have enabled Amazon Alexa to use Bluetooth, and you have created or logged in your Amazon account, you need to check Agree & Continue. After that, you need to choose the device you are setting up. Check that you have plugged in your Echo. Look at the base of the smart speaker, the light ring should turn orange. If your device does not find the Echo, hit Try again and then when detected, tap on Continue.
  • Set up Voice ID. This will help Alexa to recognize your voice, call your name, and provide improved personalization. This smart speaker will ask you a series of questions. Then, your smart speaker light ring will change to blue. Hit Continue if the device has created your voice.

Once you have confirmed your name on the profile, choose Set Up My Features. Start adding a profile of each your family member, choose a room in your house where you add the Echo. Don’t forget to name the address where your smart speaker will live. Choose Let’s Go for your Alexa to help you through some things you do, and do some practice to get you used to working with your new Echo Dot 5.

Setting Up Echo Dot 5th Does Not Working

If you are facing issue when setting up Echo Dot 5th generation, you must unplug it first from the power outlet. After that, uninstall the Alexa App, and then re-install. Before setting up or downloading or updating your Alexa App in your app store, here are the following steps to do:

  • Plug in your Echo Dot 5
  • Open Alexa App in your device
  • Tap More,and then choose Add a device
  • Choose Amazon Echo, and then choose Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and more
  • Follow the steps to set up your Echo Dot 5

If the issue persists, here are the things to solve the problems:

  • Make sure that your Echo Dot 5 is connected to your Wi-Fi. Here is how to fix Echo Dot 5 not connecting to WiFi.
  • Make sure that you are using the newest version of the Alexa app.
  • Restart your Echo Dot 5
  • Reset your Echo Dot 5

FAQ About How to Setup Alexa 5th Generation

After Setting up Echo Dot 5th generation, you do not have to pay per month for using it or Alexa. But, if you want to play specific songs from your Echo Dot, you must sign up to Amazon Music. This is a free service for the Prime members, but you must pay for about $8.99 monthly after using 30-day free trial.

More topics about Echo Dot 5:

Alexa can perform many tasks such as voice interaction, streaming podcasts, and music playback to provide real-time information including weather, news, and sports. Alexa is also useful when you want to control different smart home devices.

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