How to Start Sonos Move Bluetooth Pairing

Sonos Move bluetooth pairing lets you connect your smart speaker to other devices via Bluetooth. But, before using this feature, there are several important things to know. First, you need to set up your Sonos Move using the Sonos app and Wi-Fi. Once that’s done, you can switch it to Bluetooth mode and connect it to your Bluetooth gadgets.

When you’re using the Move with Bluetooth, you won’t see it in the Sonos app. But don’t worry, you can still control the playback and volume using the device it’s connected to via Bluetooth. Just keep in mind that some Sonos features won’t work when the Move is in Bluetooth mode, such as grouping speakers, using voice assistants, or pairing it with another speaker for stereo sound.


Sonos Move Bluetooth Pairing Mode

Here are the steps on how to start entering Bluetooth mode for Sonos Move:

Switch to Bluetooth Mode

To start using Sonos Move bluetooth pairing mode, look for the Bluetooth button on the back of your Move. It’s between the Power and Join buttons. Give it a press, just once. You’ll hear a chime, and the LED light on the top of the speaker will turn blue. That means you’re all set in Bluetooth mode!

Turn on Pairing Mode

To enable pairing mode on your Move, press and hold the Bluetooth button. Keep holding it until you hear another chime. You’ll also notice the LED light flashing blue. That means your Move is now ready to pair with another device!

Pair the Device with Sonos Move

Here’s how to pair your device with your Move:

  • Open the settings on your device and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Look for Move in the list of available devices.
  • If you don’t see Move on the screen, make sure your Move is in pairing mode. You’ll know it’s in pairing mode if the LED light is flashing blue.
  • Once you select Move, you’ll notice the LED light on Move will turn solid blue, and you’ll hear a chime. That means the connection is complete, and you’re good to go!

How to Reconnect Sonos Move with Bluetooth Device

By default, your Sonos Move will try to connect to the device it was last paired with. It can remember up to the last 6 devices it connected to.

If your Sonos Move has been reset to factory settings and it was previously paired with your device, you need to forget Sonos Move from your device’s Bluetooth settings before pairing it again.

How to Go Back to WiFi Mode

To switch your Sonos Move back to Wi-Fi mode, press the Bluetooth button on the back of your Move. While it reconnects to your Wi-Fi network, the LED will flash white. Once Move is back on Wi-Fi mode, the LED will turn solid white.

Sonos Move Bluetooth Pairing Not Working

If you’re having trouble pairing your Bluetooth device with your Sonos speaker, follow these steps:

Ensure Sonos is in Bluetooth mode

For the first pairing, your Sonos speaker needs to be in Bluetooth discovery mode. You’ll know it’s in this mode when the status LED flashes blue. Refer to the instructions in our Bluetooth setup guide for details.

Reduce distance between devices

Bring your Bluetooth device closer to your Sonos speaker. Bluetooth connections can weaken with distance, so having them nearby improves the chances of a successful connection.

Change location

If there are objects interfering with the Bluetooth signal, try moving both your Sonos speaker and Bluetooth device to a different spot and attempt pairing again.

Check power

Your Sonos speaker won’t be available for Bluetooth connection if it’s in sleep mode or turned off. If the status light is off, press the power button to wake it up. If it’s out of battery, connect it to power to turn it back on.

Following these steps should help you start Sonos Move bluetooth pairing successfully! Here are more topics about Sonos Move:

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